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Sovereign Championship Wrestling Roundtable Interview #3

The third part of the roundtable interview with SCW’s Kevin Stevens, Samhain, Mayhem and Lee Coles.

Here is part 3 of the Sovereign Championship Wrestling Roundtable Interview.

Part 1 / Part 2

Part 3

What has been your favourite match you have worked in or witnessed at SCW?

Kevin Stevens: My favourite match personally was my match with Coles at ‘Setting the Scene’ in March. I just felt it had everything. It was our first show back, and all those ideas I had were put into use and the feeling backstage was awesome. Everyone was just glad to be back and itching to get out there.

My favourite SCW match to watch would have to be the match between Samhain and Tom Savage at the last show. Tom usually referee’s matches and had refereed all mine and Lee’s matches in our feud. I didn’t think he could wrestle, and then I saw his name on the card against Samhain. We were all making jokesbefore-hand with him, that Samhain was gonna eat him alive. I watched the match and Tom was outstanding. He reminded me of Jeff Hardy in there, with the look and style he had. I was pleasantly surprised, and the match was really entertaining. Whenever a match makes me mark out, I like it. It pulled me in, and that’s why I liked it.

Mayhem: There are 3 that immediately spring to mind. My match with Latz was great experience for me. He was the first small guy I worked with and a class act to go with it. He went over but made sure that I looked like a contender right up to the end of the match. I really enjoyed myself and we had a match that was a match of the night contender.

My match with MTX was just a good old fashioned wrestling match. We switched roles due to fan reaction and knocked seven shades out of each other for 15 minutes. One of my best matches to date. (I won that one!)

My favourite match to date is my match with Samhain at setting the scene in April. It was a slightly different style to the other matches on the card (tilting towards Japanese puro style) and had some great psychology during the match. Very hard-hitting, very tough and very satisfying to hear the crowd going wild and knowing we did a good job of entertaining everyone.

Samhain: Pure entertainment standpoint – myself vs. Kiddy Snax , hostile takeover , October 2001 , Kiddy works in a comedy style , and I work very straight ahead , a complete mis-match on paper, but we mixed so well . We had the crowd in uproar.

Hard Hitting Style = Myself vs. Mayhem, March of this year. I lost but it didn’t matter , we beat each other up all round the place , and I had a great time doing it … coincidentally , it was my first match in a year , so I was especially happy with it

As for the ones I’ve witnessed? Pass, I like them all, for different reasons admittedly.

Lee Coles: I’ll break this down my favorite match I have wrestled in was Setting the Scene on march 21st against Kevin Stevens I lost the match but the fan reaction was amazing it was a brilliant match its quite funny as my mom played a small part in the match at 1 point my shoe came off and my mom run and gave it to me which was funny.

My favorite match I witnessed was either Carnage Vs MTX vs. ‘The Pigman’ Andy Hogg Or Mayhem Vs MTX years ago.

Who are you currently feuding with or what is happening with your character at the moment in SCW?

Kevin Stevens: I’ve just finished feuding with Lee, and it culminated in me saving him from an ass-whipping. So we’re now a tag-team, and I’m hoping to boost the tag-team division a little. Me and Lee have been best friends for like, 9 years, and we know each other inside out. We’re a great tag-team, and so that’s the main focus for us right now. Who we’re gonna be against is a mystery to us. Whatever comes along will be welcome, though, as I just like to go out there and entertain the best I can. That’s what it’s all about for me.

As for my character, I turned face at the last show. I prefer to play heel, but I’m looking forward to being a babyface and seeing how the fans react to it. I’m gonna keep a few elements to my character that I’ve built up, such as the cockiness… but I’ll have to keep it toned down this time around. I got a few face pops towards the end of my heel stint, which is the main reason for turning face in the first place, so I don’t wanna change my character too much. That’s how people know and like me. The face turn is as new to me, as it is to the fans… so I’m just excited in seeing how it plays out.

Mayhem: At the moment my character is in limbo. I have just finished a feud with Samhain and have a mini-feud brewing with Lee Coles, but no real idea where to take things just now. The SCW title may be in my future, but I’m not that concerned about that. I’d rather have a good run up to a title match and loose than win the title in a match that means nothing. The coming months may see my character Mayhem questioning his direction and forming a tag-team with an unexpected partner….

Samhain: no special feud at the minute. At the last show I gave a guy, by the name of Tom Savage, who I’ve trained, his debut, and I was proud the way he hung in there, and gave it all he had. We will be seeing a lot more of him, as there’s no doubt the guy has what it takes.

As far as character goes, well I’m just waiting for the next loudmouth to come along, so I can shut them up by knocking their teeth, so far down their throat, they’ll be able to chew their own ass out for pissing me off! (Kayfabe mode, disengaged)

Lee Coles: I was feuding with Kevin Stevens but we ended that. We are now supposed to be teaming together calling ourselves the old school students, at the next show its us Vs Mayhem and a mystery partner, which I’m looking forward to.

You have a regular venue which is the Hardy Spicers social club what is the venue and the fans like there?

Kevin Stevens: I like Hardys. It’s a venue that always generates a lot of atmosphere. There’s a bar there, that allows children. So it’s always popular with the family, and we get a lot of families in the audience. That always serves to get a lot of noise. The Birmingham fans are the loudest I’ve performed in front of. I know right now, we’re looking to get a few shows going at other venues, but Hardy Spicers is like our home. It’s my favourite place to work and just feels comfortable when I’m out there. I’m sure the guy who runs Hardys has his work cut out whenever we’re performing there, though. You can always see him, running and picking up chairs that have been knocked over and stuff. That always generates a laugh amongst the boys.

Mayhem: Hardy Spicers is the home of SCW. The vast majority of shows we run take place there, and the building itself is just really atmospheric. We know the owner and licensee of the place, his family and most of the regular customers, so it really does feel like home. As for the crowd they are absolutely mental! LOL. Chanting, heckling even throwing stuff at the ring occasionally. There’s never a dull moment when SCW is at Hardys.

Samhain: Honestly ??? It needs a lick of paint, or two! It’s been slagged off in the past as being bad, but, if it is promoted properly it does draw a healthy crowd .
The Crowd, well, once they get going, THEY GET GOING! On the whole, the crowds are great … but, we have learnt over the years the first 2 matches in that venue, will make or break the rest of the night … they have to be chosen carefully.

Lee Coles: The venue is bigger than it looks it’s a typical sports and social club the people that run it are a family, the fans are a lot of their family. The fans are always charged its brilliant to see them go mad for my moves.

What do you have in store for the next big event on June 20th and why should people come to see it?

Kevin Stevens: People should come and see it because the Old School Students are on the card, more specifically, Kevin Stevens, the leader of the Kevolution. I’m currently inked to fight ‘Tough Guy’ Barry Malone, formerly of K-Star Wrestling, but that’s not 100% certain yet. Either way, it’ll be a great show as always, with all the stars of Sovereign Championship Wrestling. Just come along, have a few pints and watch some great English wrestling. I’d also like to say a big thank you to all the fans that have already come to see SCW. The support is very much appreciated. SCW is on the rise and so are the OSS… so come and see us! 🙂 (You can check us out at:

Mayhem: I’m not really sure of everything that is in store. I know I have a tag match coming up against the Old School Students at the coming show, which should be a good match. Why come to an SCW show? Simple. Good matches, solid storylines and characters you can believe in. If you want great home-grown entertainment that you simply cannot see anywhere else, SCW is the place to be!

Samhain: ITS SOVEREIGN 4 BABY, IT’S BIG ALL OVER! People should come to see it because Sovereign Championship Wrestling, do, what we do, like NOBODY else, and if you don’t believe it, then you just gotta see it!

Lee Coles: I am wrestling Mayhem and I intend on driving him with a Powerbomb, there is some good matches booked and it’s a good time to come see SCW, come and have a look!

Adam Sibley