The Three Count

T3C: Bradshaw’s Bash Bonanza?

Another Pay Per View comes around and this one could be difficult to stay awake through but will Bradshaw finally get that title? Plus news of top interviews (we’re talking former WWE Champs here) in my new fanzine…

Could this be the weekend that John Bradshaw Layfield gets his ugly Nazi saluting hands on the WWE Title. You know what I fear he very well might. Better preview the event then hadn’t I.

Bull-rope match for WWE Title
Eddie Guerrero v JBL

Not only do WWE steal a WCW PPV title (and Halloween Havoc is on its way too) but they also use a gimmick used many times by WCW especially with Stan Hansen. The basic idea is to drag your opponent with the rope and touch all four ring pads (a fact impossible to achieve if you’re facing Mal Sanders). The only time I’ve seen this in WWE was with Savio Vega.

A second PPV chance for JBL to get his hands on the title and I think he might be given a run with the belt before Eddie gets it back at Summerslam. I doubt it will be a great match, I just hope Eddie gets the blade job right this time.

US Title
Cena v RVD v Dupree v Booker T

Why put all your best apples in one basket when the orchid isn’t exactly in the best of condition? Or in other words, the Smackdown roster isn’t as full of depth as the Raw squad so why put four of them in one match?

I reckon this is all leading up to a Cena v Angle match at Summerslam which leads me to think that wouldn’t be a title match so the belt might change before then. Will it be Sunday? Not too sure.Dupree hasn’t done bad since moving to Smackdown but he’s had far too many chances at the belt. Could Booker finally be given a title to run with? I think Cena will outwit Angle and keep his belt.

Cruiserweight Title
Mysterio v Chavo Guerrero

At last the belt has some respectability back. But after a woman and a retired wrestler holding the title we’re back to the feud that led into Wrestlemania. Is anyone else allowed to get a look in? I hope Mysterio keeps the belt, it’s changed too much lately but this division needs new blood.

Undertaker v Dudleys

Rumours are Undi is about to turn heel and Paul Bearer may well be getting killed off. All lovely Sunday entertainment eh. Read last weeks Main Event in the TWO Newsletter for my opinions on this match. I reckon Undi will turn heel and may well do something really terrible to Bearer.

Torrie v Sable

Every PPV has its total card filler and of course in WWE that means women. Sable calls Torrie fat and therefore we have another pointless match. Expect plenty of flesh (we’ve seen them in Playboy what else is there to see? Internal organs?) and a Torrie win.

The rest of the card hasn’t really been confirmed but I see the new Japanese flop, sorry, sensation Kenzo Suzuki up against Billy Gunn (aka stepping stone) obvious win for the man from the rising sun. Also Mordecai should wipe the floor with Hardcore Holly.

Apparently the Diva’s are going to take up lots of time as well. This could be the worst WWE PPV for years!

Anyway here’s the latest news about my new wrestling fanzine ‘Piledriver.’ Interviews for the first edition are confirmed as The Rock in Hollywood, Mick Foley and The Ultimate Warrior plus loads of articles by top British and American writers and articles by Klondyke Kate and Ricky Knight plus special features on the FWA.

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Stephen Ashfield