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FCW Baggeridge Results, Plus New Champ!

Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre
Sunday 27th June 2004

Attendance – 93

BB Steele dft Marc Hogan
Hogan continued with his destruction of the lightweights in FCW with a devastating showing against Steele. This was a rematch from 2 days earlier at The Collingwood Centre. That night saw Hogan come out on top, unfortunately for him on this night he was outsmarted by the much smaller and quicker BB Steele.

3 Way Dance
Falcon dft Damien Grant and Dragon Phoenix

The continuation of this feud which has been going on over the past few months is no nearer an end. Swift Justice, Party Boys and Devils Advocate have been at each others throats since March. Tonight Swift Justice member Falcon, picked the 123 up after pinning Phoenix.

The Judge dft Jack Storm
One of the biggest men on the FCW roster The Judge weighing in at nearly 17stone went at it with 1 half of The Party Boys – Jack Storm. End of the match Jack Storm went to the tope rope, but The Judge saw him and pushed the referee into the ropes and “accidently” crotched Storm on the top. Judge then delivered a thunderous over the shoulder slam into a reverse DDT from the top for the victory.

The Bouncer dft “Mr Bad Attitude” Saul Adams
Former friends battled it out after Saul Adams fired The Bouncer as his “Insurance Policy” earlier in the night. The Bouncer who got cheered right from the get go, let him know who was the best member of The Devils Advocate Trio.

FCW Title Match – Future Rules – No DQ and No Tag
“SOTN” Rob Hunter dft A-Star Athlete, Spud, “Tomcat” Kevin O’Neil, Laken Xander and Morales

Towards the end of this match Morales hit 4Play members with the chair and then accidently hit Spud with it. Feeling that the title was in his grasp he went to hit Xander with the chair at which point Lakens valet Innocence jumps in and begs Morales not to do it. Innocence then low blows Morales and Xander!! Follwed by a huge slap around the face for Xander that had him counting teeth off the mat. Hunter then hit a money maker on the chair for the victory

NEW FCW Champion – “The Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter