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WWE beginning to tape more shows overseas, Chavo Classic

WWE plans on taping RAW and Smackdown episodes once every three months or so overseas. The decision is mainly a convenience for scheduling so that WWE will be able to run a week’s worth of shows overseas without having to worry about rushing back to the U.S. for RAW and Smackdown TV events. WWE makes a whole lot of money when running shows overseas, and there is some thought that this could help the company’s overall revenue. The first overseas RAW and Smackdown will take place this October in the United Kingdom.

From what we’ve heard, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero did not put up a fight to save Chavo Classic’s job back when he was fired a few weeks ago. Chavo had told many friends that he was rejecting humiliating storylines, though we have heard otherwise. According to sources, Chavo actually did not turn down any storylines, and used his claim to cover-up the fact that he was fired due to no-showing two straight events.