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Dru Onyx Bound For Ireland

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Montreal, QC – It is confirmed, Canadian grappler Dru Onyx will travel to the Emerald Isle this Wednesday for a one week wrestling tour with the NWA Ireland promotion.

“Words cannot fully express how much of a privilege and honor it will be for me to show my fighting spirit to all the great wrestling fans in Ireland,” said Onyx.

This will be the second time the six foot two, 300 plus pound wrestler from Montreal will journey to the British Isles. Just last October, Onyx competed with the NWA UK Hammerlock promotion, an experience he credited for improving his overall wrestling abilities.

“The fighting style in the Hammerlock organization was very unique,” commented Onyx.

“Every time the bell sounded to signal the start of my match, I faced off against off incredible athletes who challenged my abilities relentlessly. In particular, Paul Tracey and Fergal Devitt, two very competent fighters who I had pleasure of going toe to toe with and in the process, became a better grappler.”

While in Ireland, Onyx will assume the ring personality known as Son of Abdullah (SOA), inspired from none other than the Mad Man from the Sudan, Abdullah the Butcher.

“The Son of Abdullah is something special that I wanted to give to the fans in the isles,” he said.

“What impressed me, in addition to their passionate for pro wrestling, was how knowledgeable the fans were of the countless wrestling legends that have graced the ring. Truly, it is refreshing to see fans who embrace the history of this great spectacle with such vigor.”

Onyx emphasized the role that NWA, both in Ireland and the United Kingdom, have played in nurturing a strong fan following, by delivering an exciting in-ring product.

“Both promotions have absorbed the NWA wrestling spirit with clarity and fervor. As a true believer in the NWA as the foundation for great professional wrestling, it fills my heart with an unbridled hunger to compete in both NWA Ireland and NWA UK Hammerlock and to know that this is where the true heroes of the ring dwell.”

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