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UK Scene #129

Welcome everyone to this weeks edition of the UK Scene column. Its Goldy with you, writing this before I disappear for a weekend in sunny Blackpool! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for sun anyway although I doubt it will matter as you all know where I will be…

Welcome everyone to this weeks edition of the UK Scene column. Its Goldy with you, writing this before I disappear for a weekend in sunny Blackpool! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for sun anyway although I doubt it will matter as you all know where I will be!

With Adam on his travels you will be getting the best of both worlds with myself and Saracen taking it in turns to bring you our thoughts on the world of UK wrestling. I will be delivering all the news from a fans point of view, whereas Saracen adds that something different from myself and Adam, as he’s a wrestler in his own right, hence will have a different take on things.

Onto the news making the rounds this week…

FCW have crowned a new champion! In what was a fantastic main event last Sunday, “Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter won the Heavyweight title vacated by the much missed Celt Kennedy. Now I was supposed to be at this event but due to our wonderful British transport system, namely trains and coaches, I didn’t make it back from a weekend in London in time to attend. Trust me to miss one of the best shows of this year as well as my chance to party with the Party Boyz!

In a shocking twist the audience saw Innocence turn heel on her partner Laken Xander (how could she?) and Morales, joining up with 4 Play (I’m still loving that name) by low blowing both Xander and Morales leaving the way clear for fellow 4 Play member Hunter to become champion!

Whilst Innocence turned to the dark side, earlier on in the show The Bouncer saw the light and finally turned face. I say finally because you can just tell from being at FCW shows that fans really want to cheer The Bouncer. I now think we will get to see what this man is made of and fully expect him to be a firm crowd favourite.

Whilst on the subject of FCW, TWO’s very own DraVen has updated the bios for the FCW website. These are excellent giving us fans more of an insight into the wrestlers likes and dislikes and was the only thing lacking in a very nicely done website, well done Dra! To check it out please visit

Across the border Irish Whip Wrestling have reappeared on the scene again putting on three shows in the upcoming weeks with the first being this Friday night (July 9th) in Dublin. It takes place at the Mount Temple Gym, Malahide Road, Dublin. The show starts at 7.30 pm and tickets cost 11 euros.

The card for this first show is currently as follows:

  • (IWW Head Trainer vs. UK’s Top Wrestler)
    Blake Norton vs. Doug Williams
  • Dave Zero vs. Alex Roche
  • Mark Hoare vs Stephen Farrley
  • Scotty Mac vs. C.J. Summers vs The Ripper
  • The Mummy vs. Max Mafioso
  • Brian Roche vs. Mark Cosgrave
  • Joe Carbery vs. Dan Lynam
  • Daragh vs Michael McCormack.

Tickets are available from the IWW school or alternatively on the door. The following show takes place on Monday, July 12th at the Dinn Ri Hotel, Carlow Town, Co Carlow. Tickets and start time are the same. The final show is slightly different taking place at The Ossary Festival, Rathdowney, Co. Laois on Sunday, July 18th from 12pm until 6pm. Tickets and prices are still to be announced.

I hope that IWW can bury their demons and have a decent stab at promoting these shows. The card look good and hopefully fans will get to see a good night of wrestling action. For more information see

In keeping with the Irish theme, NWA Hammerlock Ireland have this week announced that they are bringing over Dru Onyx from Canada to tour with NWA Ireland for one week. This will be the second time the six foot two, 300 plus pound wrestler from Montreal will journey to the British Isles. Just last October, Onyx competed with the NWA UK Hammerlock promotion, an experience he credited for improving his overall wrestling abilities.

While in Ireland, Onyx will assume the ring personality known as Son of Abdullah (SOA), inspired from none other than the Mad Man from the Sudan, Abdullah the Butcher! To find out more about Dru Onyx, please visit his site at

Another promotion making a welcome return is NCW. UK fans will remember this promotion from the end of last year when they put on a show at the Reading Rivermead Centre. This show lived up to it’s hype and ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas became their new Heavyweight champion.

Fortunately for us UK fans, NCW are back and planning several shows later this year, October to be precise! Featuring all your favourite UK wrestlers like Jonny Storm, Robbie Brookside and Drew McDonald, as-well as champ Shane Douglas and the WWE’s Eric Priest. The first of these dates will be announced later in July, so keep your eyes peeled either here or in your weekly newsletter (cheap plug!) for details.

If you think that All Star Wrestling have been quiet lately then you would be very wrong! As is customary in the summer season, ASW are busy putting on shows each weekend in Butlins Holiday Camps. After considering this briefly I came to the conclusion that this is a good thing for British wrestling as people on holiday are more inclined to try something new and go to see whatever entertainment is on offer. Hopefully these same people will enjoy All Star’s shows and be thoroughly entertained. Bearing this in mind, when they return home again and see a wrestling show advertised locally, maybe, just maybe, they will remember their holiday and take the opportunity to see the show and in ‘theory’ new fans will be born! That’s what I comfort myself with anyway when I check my local venue and see that All Star are absent from the schedule until October!

Well thats everything in what has been a fairly quiet week on the ol’ news front. Saracen is here next time, enjoy your fortnight and if you’re lucky I’ll bring you all a stick of Blackpool rock or maybe a beer mat…..

Thank you for reading.