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– Results from IWF Ring Of Faith in the UK: Weapon X defeated Storm Avery, Jimmy Blade defeated Youngsta Avery, Liam “the player” Atkinson defeated “bad boy” Jed Masters, Beautiful Bobby Jackson defeated Hot Ed, Weapon X defeated Liam “the player” Atkinson, Jimmy Blade defeated Beautiful Bobby Jackson, Weapon X defeated Jimmy Blade 2 become the 1st Ring of Faith champion, Pheonix defeated Jetta 2 regain the women’s title, and Assassin defeated Cameron Knight 2 retain his IWF title.

– Sovereign Championship Wrestling in Birmingham have announced that on July 25th, Danny Oxman will take on Brandon Thomas, Samhain and Barry Malone will take on Old School Students, Coalminer D will take on G-Force, and Hunters INC will take on Sabotage and Andy Hogg.

– Dutch Championship Wrestling present Shockwave on August 29th in Rotterdam, with Rob Hunter, Cameron Knite, and Jack Hazard.