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Big news involving Undertaker, Christain, RVD, TNA and more

Rob Van Dam has signed a short-form contract extension with WWE while all the final issues in his long term deal are being ironed out.

A match being considered for Summerslam is JBL Vs The Undertaker Vs Eddie Guerrero.

Christian is now expected to be out of action until August at the earliest with his back problems.

For what it’s worth, Ultimo Dragon will still return to WWE this Autumn.

Creative writer Dominick Pagliaro recently left WWE to take a job with MTV.

According to Kid Kash wrestlers like A.J Styles, Raven, Chris Harris, and James Storm earn $1200 per week, whilst he is making a mere $500 a week.

TNA have signed D-Ray 3000 to a one year contract.

TNA part timer Hector Garza has quit AAA to work independently in Mexico.

Jeff Hammond from Fox Sports Net’s “Totally NASCAR” will join the Impact! announce crew soon.

Sean O’ Haire is attempting to get into MMA. He has signed a management contract to try and get bookings.

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson is scheduled to face the RoH champion on 28th August.