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Hey FWA Fans, tons of matches for Vendetta have been announced below, also we have recived word that the opponent for AJ Styles has been decided but FWA officials are waiting till the weekend to announce anything because the contracts for the match have yet to signed.

But rest assured that you will not be disappointed! Anyways heres the latest Vendetta News!

Father v. Son match-up confirmed for Vendetta

When Ricky Knight seconded his own son, the Zebra Kid, to the ring for his shot at the FWA British Heavyweight Championship at Carpe Diem last month, most fans assumed that this was a sign of parental pride. Many assumed that the father was keen to be beside his son on the biggest day of his life.

When Ricky Knight pushed the Zebra Kid from the top turnbuckle and caused him to lose the match-up, without explanation, many believed that it had been a moment of madness – a mistake, even.

But when Ricky Knight showed up at the Morecambe Dome just two weeks after Carpe Diem, and once again cost his son a shot at the title, fans knew there was something up. The Zebra Kid could no longer look the other way. Ricky Knight had made his point.

The first thing the Zebra Kid did on the Monday morning, after returning from the Morecambe Dome, was contact FWA management, demanding a match against his own father. And the FWA management team were more than happy to oblige.

‘We would rather not get in the way of family issues’, said Assistant Director of Operation, Justin Richards, ‘but we have spoken to both men, and they are more than happy to settle there differences in the ring.’

Unfortunately, we were unable to get word from the Zebra Kid, who was understandably upset about the situation. Strangely, however, Ricky Knight – not normally short of words – was also remaining tight-lipped.

Nonetheless, the match up has now been signed, and will take place at the Broxbourne Civic Hall at Vendetta 2004, on July 25 th . Tickets for the event are available now – the Box Office number is 01992 441946.

Xavier to get a shot at All-England title

Just announced for Vendetta – Hade Vansen put his All-England title on the line in a match against Jack Xavier!

We here at are proud to announce that the latest match to be announced for Vendetta will see the ‘South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen take on Birmingham’s favourite son, Jack Xavier.

Jack Xavier has had more than his fair share of problems with ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane in recent months. After wrestling him in a brutal last-man-standing match at Crunch 2004 some months back, the two were meant to face each other in tag-team action at last month’s Carpe Diem. Thanks to Shane’s underhanded tactics, this match never took place, but the rivalry between the two men is far from over. Xavier is still determined to get his hands on Alex Shane in the future, but in the mean time, he is sure to have his hands full with one of the most hated men in the FWA at the moment – Alex Shane’s personal protégé – Hade Vansen.

The two have met recently in tag-team action, and the action has been brutal. Vansen has become even more arrogant since the relationship between Shane and himself has become public. He also appears to have stepped up his game, wrestling-wise, unleashing a couple of very devastating new moves on unsuspecting opponents.

To date, we do not know what Shane’s role will be – if any – at Vendetta. However, the match between Jack Xavier and Hade Vansen promises to be as violent and personal as anything we have already seen, and with the All-England title at stake, both men are sure to put their bodies on the line.

Young stars to bring their rivalry to a head at Vendetta

As has been speculated for some time, Aviv Mayaan, and Mark ‘5 Star’ Belton will be facing each other in a one-on-one contest at the upcoming Vendetta 2004 event.

The two former friends teamed up with one another back at Crunch 2004 in an unsuccessful bid to take the FWA tag-team belts from The Family. The match came to somewhat of an abrupt ending when Belton abandoned Mayaan, leaving him to fend for himself against the champions.