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The following is an official WAW press release;

The WAW Championship Commitee sat on the 5th June in attendance were:

Charlie Frary ( President)
Steven Howard-Platt ( Commissioner)
Ricky  Knight ( Owner)
Saraya Knight ( Secretary)
Joe Williams ( Head  Official)

They later issued this statement:-

After many complaints and controversy over titles changing hands or not 
changing hands, the WAW CC have come up with a new set of rules for our British  Titles. These rules will be applicable for our Heavyweight, Cruiserweight and  Ladies Division. The new rules are set in hope of getting a result on the night of championships, also so the fans can see everything is done by the WAW CC to bring about a result and end controversy surrounding our championship matches.

The new rules sanctioned by the WAW CC are as follows:-

All British Championship ,matches will be fought over 10 x 3 minute rounds.

The winner to be decided by the best of 3 falls ( a submission being deemed a fall) or a knockout.
Should either wrestler be disqualified they will lose the match.

The Championship WILL change hands on disqualification of the title  holder.

Should there be a count out outside the ring, the wrestler counted out will 
lose the contest.

The title WILL change hands if the champion is counted out.

If both men are counted out the match will be scored a double DQ then a no contest.

A count out will come with the referee reaching a 10 COUNT.

Should a wrestler obtain a cut or injury and cannot finish the contest by 
order of the referee or medical advice, this match will be deemed a NO CONTEST a rematch can be ordered within 60 days.

For ungentlemanly conduct public warningas will be issued by the referee 
only 2 public warnings will be given before a disqualification.

In the event of a wrestler being DQ for multiple public warnings he will be 
fined 50% of his purse monies.

In the event of a match being drawn after 10 rounds result will go to 3 
judges selected by the WAW CC who will be sitting at ringside.

The judges will judge on, technical skill, aggression and near falls over 
the contest.

The wrestler winning a round will recieve 10 points the loser 9  points.

In the event of a wrestler gaining a fall in a round that round will be 
awarded 10 – 8 in their favour.

If a wrestler is issued a public warning a point will be deducted from the 
round score.

After 10 rounds points will be added up the wrestler with the most points 
overall will be deemed the winner.

In the event of the judges calling the match a draw the champion retains  his title a rematch will be ordered within 60 days.

In other WAW news;
WAW confirmed today two more matches for their upcoming Summer Sizzler show on August 2nd at the Atlantis Resort in Great Yarmouth.

Sweet Saraya, Nikki Best and Destiny will be representing WAW as they go up against the UWA team of Erin Angel, Lisa Fury & Ashlea Page.

And WAW Cruiserweight Champion “The Tattooed Warrior” Steve Quintain will  be facing Frankie Sloan.