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wZw Nu Breed Academy, Show Report

******PRESS RELEASE*******

Nu Breed Academy Exhibition 11th July 2004 Ray Grey Community Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Once again the people of the East End of Newcastle did us proud with another full house in the Ray Grey Community Centre, to witness a new format of exhibition and 5 fantastic matches, further more these exhibitions are FREE entry and aimed at giving a little bit back to the community of Daisy Hill. The absence of the code was noticed by the fans awaiting outside. The Jodis ( Leader of the CODE) was forced to stay backstage and his main hench-man Bomber Mills was forced into the role of chief of security.

The wZw Theme blasted out the PA System, smoke filtered through the wZw Entrance way and commissioner Gary Graham welcomed the crowd and issued the safety announcements.

Again a full house with fans ready to make some noise. The opening bout for the exhibition was one that had been brewing for some time in the form of J Nattrass up against one of the stiffest, hardest hitting juniors in the UK today. Juvenile one of the youngest professional wrestlers in the UK (if not the youngest at aged only 15) has many scores to settle against the Nattrass Boys and when he discovered that XL (J’s Tag Partner ) was injured he asked the commissioner for a chance to face J one on one.

The match as expected was very hard hitting indeed and some serious blows we re inflicted on both opponents. J was climbing to the top when juvenile scooped him off the top and sent him crashing to the hard wooden floor of the centre, this was the start of the end of J Nattrass, everything J threw at Juvenile, it seemed to be absorbed and eventually Juvenile managed to gain the pin-fall after a hellatious gore.

Next Taylor and Carbon were introduced to the ring area, Taylor grabbed the microphone from the commissioner and started to discuss Carbons and his own shiny pants. The massive boo’s and you sucks soon came flooding in from all everywhere. Carbon and Taylor soon started having a go at the crowd. Full Packs entrance music hit and the fans jumped to their feet and started chanting ‘Full Pack’. Out from the curtain came Full Pack and the place erupted. ( Full Pack are so over with the fans). They soon started getting the fans to decide who had the best trousers in the wZw and the fans went with Full Pack, to Carbons and Taylor’s disgust. Micky and Iain offered them a match, no ordinary match this would be another a looser has to loose their trousers. Carbon and Taylor being mighty powerhouse style wrestlers took up the challenge. The match was made there and then.

This match was fast paced and Taylor and Carbon dominated for the most part of it. Their sheer size and power was not to easy for Full Pack to contain and had to rely on the effective team work that Full Pack are re-nound for, some awesome double team manoeuvres nearly clinched the win for Full Pack, unfortunately it was not enough and The newest Tag Team to wZw clinched a mighty victory. Full Pack being the losers had to drop their trousers. Full Packs music hit and they started to strip down to their boxer shorts. Micky was wearing a thong over his saying “Trent Who?” For those who know Micky will know what its about. Micky is still trying to taunt who was his idol Trent Acid from CZW in the USA.

The following contest was a singles match up, this saw a change in the original line up. The match was supposed to be John Britain vs Shady Nattrass, unfortunately John injured his back during his intense training for the match and had to find a replacement. The replacement a youngster from the academy called Pyro, as Pyro entered through the curtains he magically pulled a flash of flame from his hands.

John Britain got on the microphone and the whole building erupted in chants “John Likes Men.”, kids held up banners saying the same thing. This chanting went on for about 3 minutes and John was getting very annoyed with the fans. Shady did not look phased at all through out the whole match and proved why he is the wZw Cruiser Division Champion, even with interference from John Britain young Pyro could not muster a win and Shady pulled the win. This match led into a 15 minute interval, so the fans could get refreshed.

The second half started off with a monster 6 man tag team match up. General Trent Steel & Tony Warrior “The Spitfire” enlisted “The Satanic One” Ritchie Saint into the fold for this match to be tag team partner. They were up against 3 of the most popular members of the Nu Breed Academy, Stevie Lynn, A J Anderson and the masked CIC.

This match was totally led by the ground work team of GTS, Spitfire and Ritchie Saint. They grounded the flyers of Lynn and CIC from the get go and would not them get to the top rope and hit their arsenal of high flying moves. Spitfire being the mat technician came close to a few submissions and the General just destroyed the smaller lighter guys. Ritchie a firm follower of the old school of British wrestlers applied many a hold, but was left on his own when Spitfire and GTS decided to take it out of the ring. Leaving Ritchie in the ring with AJ Anderson, AJ hit an awesome spinebuster and got the pinfall and win. GTS and Spitfire horrified at the loss attacked Ritchie and left him in a heap in the middle of the ring.

We then came to the main event of the exhibition, this was the title match for the Nu Breed Academy Title. This saw the current champion “The Best Kept Secret” Anthony ‘Livewire’ McIntyre go up against C-Rock. C-Rock won the right to this match after winning the Battle Royal at the last exhibition last month. The match was slow and careful, both men not wanting to make the slip up and loose. Livewire in true fashion gained the pinfall by cheating and had his feet on the ropes to apply more pressure.

In summary the exhibition went down very well indeed, the fans loved it and judging by the noise they made, some will be quiet for the coming week The Nu Breed Academy goes from strength to Strength, the young and old trainees are making the grade some are already working on shows up and down the country on a regular basis.

This proving we have the best training academy in the North of England. For more information on the Academy and how to learn pro wrestling check out or Photo’s and a video clip will be on site in the next few days, also some independent reports and thoughts can be found on the official forums at