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EPW, Sheffield Show Report.

EPW, Sheffield Show Report 10/07/04.

8 Man Elimination Match:

Team Impact – Mark Impact, Mike Gudness and ‘Playboy’ Johnny Midnight vs. Team Ice – Ice, Marc Mignot, ‘Flawless’ Carter Jay and Carnige

Fans at EPW arena were left stunned at the conclusion of the 40 plus minute main event when EPW Champion Ice and Challenge Cup Holder Mark Impact had to be physically separated by half of the locker room after things got out of hand.

In a match where both Impact’s Challenge Cup and Ice’s Heavyweight title could change hands, if they were pinned, team Impact were a man down before the bell had even rang when Alan Johnson was refused medical clearance to compete.

With all of EPW’s top singles stars in one match there was a lot expected from this match and judging by the reaction of the crowd throughout the 40 minute match it delivered all it promised, and more.

In a hard fought match Mike Gudness almost lost his smile when he was concussed, touch guy ‘Flawless’ Carter Jay managed to last a long time in the match even after his hand was badly broken (which is going to sideline him for at least 3 month) before one of his own partners caused him to be pinned after an argument.

It came down to champion against champion and with the unique stipulation to the match it looked as though either Ice or Mark Impact was going to leave the EPW Arena with all the gold. With both wrestlers knowing what they had to lose they were giving it everything and both pushed the referee as he tired to separate them.

It was an unpopular decision with the crowd and the combatants but with control lost the ref felt there was no other choice but to disqualify both men and declare the match a draw.

After the DQ Ice and Impact continued to brawl in the ring and the other participants in the match had to come back out and pull them off each other.

Bob ‘The Earl’ Shoiure’s “search for a star” Battle Royal

To open the show ‘The Earl’ made his way to the ring and wound up the crowd by blaming them for his recent failure to win the EPW Middleweight title and consequent neck ‘injury’ that was forcing him to wear a less than stylish neck brace.

The stipulation in this 6 man trainee battle royal was that the last 2 in the ring would get the chance to wrestle each other later in the show for a contract with Bob ‘the earl’ Shoiure.

With so much on the line for the competitors, Stormboy, Mark Slater, Rocky J, Scott Rogue, Wayne Wild and Danny Steel, they brought everything they had to try and impress ‘The Earl’ as well as the crowd.

All six of these future EPW stars were in top form but on this night it was high flyer Danny Steel and fan favorite Stormboy who were last the last two standing.

Stormboy vs. Danny Steel

After being last two in the trainee battle royal earlier in the night Stormboy and Danny Steel had won the right to have their first ever one on one match on an EPW show. Unfortunately they had also embarrassed ‘the earl’ by ripping up his contract, and as punishment he aligned himself with the tag champions Andy Hogg and Sabotage who came out and destroyed both Stormboy and Steel before they had a change to get out of the blocks. Luckily Sugar Free saw what was happening on the backstage monitors and made the save.

EPW Tag Team Championship

“Pigman” Andy Hogg & Sabotage defended their tag titles successfully against Sugar Free.

6 Man Elimination Middleweight Title Match

Axel Rook vs. “Captain” Rick Wildfire, “the agent” Jimmy J King, Hysteria, Steve Veidor II, and John Doe

Since winning the Middleweight Title Axel Rook has been a fighting champion and he proved it again at the 393 club when he successfully defended the title against 5 of EPW’s top middleweights in a six way elimination match. Last in was the hard hitting Steve Veidor II who had a few chances but fell to the tornado DDT of the champion.

Tactical Error vs. Daphne & Mr M Lee

With expert training from Mr Lee, and some special input from former EPW tag champion Jimmy J King, Daphne had asked for a match with one or both of Tactical Error to show off the wrestling skills she has picked up. Since Lee and Daphne can’t stop interfering in each others matches though EPW officially teamed them up for the first time in a match against Dave Insane and Lunatic Lew of Tactical Error.

True to form Daphne and Lee broke most of the rules and double teamed Dave and Lew repeatedly. And when it looked like things weren’t going their way Daphne left ring side, only to return a few moments later with Lee’s regular tag partner Carnige.

In the end Carnige turned out to be more of a hindrance than help when he accidentally gored Mr Lee and gave Tactical Error the change to pick up their first tag team victory in EPW.

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