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Future roles for ex WWE Stars

Thanks to Don & for the following. It looks like Goldberg, Kevin Nash, & Steve Austin will all be appearing in the upcoming remake of “The Longest Yard” starring Adam Sandler:

MTV spoke to Adam Sandler who revealed new cast additions for his upcoming Paramount film, The Longest Yard, featuring Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds, and James Cromwell.

In what is likely to be the smallest backfield former NFL linebackers Brian Bosworth and Bill Romanowski have ever faced, Nelly will play the running back to Sandler’s quarterback in the remake. He’ll also record a song for the film. Sandler’s team of inmates, who take on a team of prison guards, will have an NFL star of their own in former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin, as well as a few wrestlers.

“[Eric ‘Extreme’] Goldberg, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash — [will face off against the prison guards],” said Sandler. Veteran actress Cloris Leachman will play the secretary for the prison’s sadistic warden, played by Cromwell.