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Hayabusa Profile

A look at one of Japans biggest stars…Hayabusa.


Ring Name: “The Phoenix” Hayabusa
Real Name: Eiji Ezaki
Date of Birth: 2/11/1968
Birth Place/Hometown: Kumamoto, Japan
Height: 6′
Weight: 234 lbs
Trained by: Tarzan Goto
Professional Debut: 5th May 1991, FMW
Trademark Moves: Falcon Arrow, Phoenix Splash, Firebird Splash, Shooting Star Press, Dragon Suplex

Title History

  • FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight – 3 times

  • FMW Independent Heavyweight – 1 time

  • FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team – 2 times

  • FMW 6 Man Street Fight Titles – 2 times

  • WEW World Heavyweight – 2 times

  • WEW Tag Team – 2 times

  • WEW 6 Man Tag Team – 2 times

  • AJPW All Asian Tag Team – 1 time

Recommended Matches

  • Hayabusa vs. Jushin “Thunder” Lyger – (16/04/94)

  • Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka vs. Terry Funk & Mr. Pogo (05/05/96)

  • Hayabusa, Jinsei Shinzaki & Masato Tanaka vs. Yukihiro Kanemura, Atsushi Onita & Mr. Gannosuke (22/12/97)

  • Hayabusa vs. Mr Gannosuke (30/04/98)

  • H vs. Mr. Gannosuke (Shawn Michaels Guest Ref) – (23/11/99)

Other Information

* Hayabusa means Falcon and “The bird that never dies”

* The Hayabusa gimmick was originally suggested to Ezaki by Jushin Lyger in Mexico. Lyger suggested that he used a gimmick similar to his own and wrestle under a mask.

* Ezaki debuted the Hayabusa gimmick in Japan against Jushin Lyger during the NJPW Super J ’94 tournament.

* Ezaki is the inventor of the “Phoenix Splash”. He also uses many other high flying moves such as the “Shooting Star Press” and “Firebird Splash”

* Despite feuding for many years, Ezaki and Mr. Gannosuke (Real name Masashi Honda) began training together at the FMW Dojo after meeting in college in 1987.

* Hayabusa has had notable feuds with several wrestlers in FMW including Masato Tanaka, Mr. Gannosuke and “The Gladiator” Mike Awesome.

* When not wrestling as Hayabusa, Eiji Ezaki has also competed as “H” in FMW. During this time Mr. Gannosuke mascaraded as a “fake” Hayabusa.

* Hayabusa was a part of the “Terry Funk Wrestlefest”. He teamed with Jinsei Shinzaki and Masato Tanaka to take on The Headhunters and Jake Roberts.

* Hayabusa also competed in ECW and was a part of the “Heatwave ’98” show. He teamed with Jinsei Shinzaki to take on Rob Van Dam and Sabu.

* Hayabusa was seriously injured on 23rd October 2001. Whilst attempting a Lionsault, his foot slipped off the ropes. He fell and landed on his head breaking his neck and causing him to be instantly paralysed from the neck down.

* Eiji Ezaki has promoted shows since his career ending injury as the President of WMF (Wrestling Marvelous Future). The debut show for WMF was held on 28th August 2002.