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RBW London Training Centre – Information And Changes

RBW London Training Centre – Information & Changes

Revolution British Wrestling have announced a new system for the Enfield, London/Middlesex training sessions held each Sunday between 11am and 3pm.

The former system was of three hours normal training, and then an advanced hour, limited to six people only.

After reviewing the situation, RBW have come up with the following new training system:

– Regular training sessions (as before) will be held between 11am and 1pm every Sunday, with a price drop of £1.00, making it just £7.00 per session. This session, subject to attendance type, will be divided if necessary, to ensure training is given to each individual to it’s maximum potential.

– Intensive training sessions will be held between 1pm and 3pm every Sunday, costing £7.00, the same as the regular session. The purpose of this session will be to offer advanced trainees some additional, more intensive training, to help bring them further towards getting opportunities on live events. All trainees are welcome to this session, however, if the trainers feel that a trainee is not ready or not making sufficient progress during Intensive training, they may be asked to attend more Regular sessions.

– For trainees who wish to take part in both sessions, they are welcome, and as an added bonus, they get £2.00 off session fees, making it just £12.00 for both sessions.

– For new trainees, regardless of prior experience, they must first attend a Regular session, before choosing to do an Intensive session.

– Private one-on-one training is available on both Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons, at a price of between £10.00/20.00 per hour.

– Special guest trainers will be used more frequently, with our main trainers being present for as many sessions as possible.

– Our new London training centre’s location is soon to be revealed. The centre is set to run on either a Friday or Saturday. The Enfield training centre will not be effected by the new opening.

– RBW ‘Next Generation’ contests will soon be resumed, with our new talent on display at RBW live events.

For more information on training, and an overview of the training sessions, please visit or telephone 07940 476612 for further information.

We hope to see you at training soon!