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IWF Press Release, Ladies Night Update

IWF Press Release

Re – Ladies Night (Update)

Date – August 21st 2004

Place – St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead (Next to Gateshead Metro Station)

Time – 7.00 (Doors open 6pm)

Tickets – £5 each or £17 for 4.  Available from Gateshead Photographic, tickets will also be available from St. Joseph’s Hall between 12noon and 6pm every Sunday.  Those who live outside of the area can send cheques made payable to North East Wrestling to the address at the end of this report.  Cheques must arrive 7 days before the show date.  All proceeds will be split between Cancer Research and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

IWF Management has released the names of three more of the competitors in the first annual ‘Ladies Night’ tournament, they are:

Hometown – Sunderland

Home Promotion – GPW

Finisher(s) – Standing Moonsault

Minx way well be the most obnoxious woman in British wrestling.  During her career she has won few friends with her behaviour but her skills have won her many admirers.  Originally from Sunderland, but now wrestling more regularly in Lancashire, she has a chance to prove that she is not only the top female wrestler in the north-west, but also in her home region.  She will not be amongst the most powerful competitors at Ladies Night, so she will be forced to rely on her formidable speed and agility if she is to progress.

Hometown – Stoke-on-Trent

Home Promotion – All-Star

Finisher(s) – Over-the-shoulder Piledriver, Big Splash, Avalanche

Kate is unquestionably the biggest name in the history of British women’s wrestling and is currently in her 30th year in the sport.  Nobody in the tournament can come close to matching her for experience and she must be considered among the favourites for glory.  Due to her monstrous reputation, she has psyched out many opponents to the point where she has already beaten them mentally before they even enter the ring.  Kate is rumoured to be contemplating retirement at the end of 2004 and will be looking to go out in style.

Hometown – Braintree, Essex

Home Promotion –

Finisher(s) – The Blonde Bombshell (Diamond Dust), Dragonrana, Octopus Hold

 ‘The Blonde Bombshell’ comes into Ladies Night with a tremendous pedigree, she was the first female graduate of the famed Dropkixx wrestling academy and has also trained with Dave Taylor, Steve Regal, Chris Benoit and Brian Danielson at Bluebloods wrestling school.  This solid grounding has helped her develop a strongnd game that she augments with spectacular aerial manoeuvres to make her arguably the top up-and-comer in women’s wrestling.

More names will be released in the coming weeks.

The line up so far is:



Lexie Fyfe

‘The Angel’ Sharna O’Neill



Courtney Synn




Klondike Kate


For details of the previous named competitors, see below.

Hometown – Bayside, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Home Promotion – NWA Ireland

Finisher(s) – Exploder Suplex

The dangerous Komeera is widely regarded as the top female wrestler in Ireland and her hard-hitting style is quickly winning her admires on this side of the Irish Sea.  She is also at home in the air and will be hoping that her multi-faceted attack will allow her to not only hang with, but also defeat some of the best that British and American Women’s wrestling has to offer.

Hometown – Coventry

Home Promotion – MPW

Finisher(s) – Seated Front Suplex, Single Leg Crab

Small and quick, Blaze is also deceptively powerful and adept at throwing many variations of the suplex.  She is currently embroiled in a feud with Jetta in the rings of MPW and will be looking to bring all of the intensity she has gained throughout this rivalry into Ladies Night.  She is considered by many judges to be a good outside bet to go all the way to the final.

Hometown – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Home Promotion – Various American Indy’s

Finisher(s) – Moonsault, Frankenstiener

In this country, Riptide is best known as Prodigette of ECW fame, but in the United States she is known as one of the most complete female wrestlers around.  She is vastly experienced and has competed in no-holds barred fighting in Japan.  Riptide is a vicious competitor and this has made her unpopular with fans in the past.  Having wrestled the likes of Jazz, Molly Holly and Chyna in the past, she must be considered one of the favourites to emerge victorious in the tournament.

Hometown – Sunderland

Home Promotion – IWF

Finisher(s) – Spear, Bridging Crossface

The third, and the least experienced, of the trio of IWF women named in this tournament, Synn faces a huge task if she is to emerge victorious at Ladies Night.  She has improved greatly in the last year but has yet to record a significant victory.  She has, however, been training with Jimmy Blade who has let it be known that he expects great things from the woman who, until this point, had been best known as his valet.

Hometown – Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Home Promotion – IWF

Finisher(s) – Phoenix From The Flames (Death Valley Driver)

Not a surprising choice, Phoenix is the current, two-time, IWF Women’s Champion.  She is known for her rugged, hard –hitting style and will be at an advantage as she will be performing in front of her home crowd.  She is coming into the show in great form, as she has recently regained her status as the top female in the IWF when she defeated Jetta on July 3rd.

Hometown – Romford, Essex

Home Promotion – NWA (UK) Hammerlock

Finisher(s) – Possession (Sliced Bread #2), Yakuza Kick

 Hammerlock sensation Jezebel is known for her strike based, strong style offence as well as her ferocious temper.  She possesses strong technical and flying skills but is most at home when resorting to street fighting tactics.  Despite wrestling for only a short period of time, is considered one of British Wrestling’s top female competitors.


Hometown – Largo, Florida

Home Promotion – Various American Indy’s

Finisher(s) – Running Bulldog, Powerbomb

 ‘The Foxy Lady’ is unquestionably one of the top female indy wrestlers in the USA and brings nine years of experience into the tournament.  She recently competed in a ladies tournament for Ian Rotten’s IWA Mid-South promotion and has competed for, and won titles in dozens of promotions in the past.  She is best known in the UK for taking part in 2001’s Revival show and she has competed in WWE in the past, on house shows and on Sunday Night Heat.

Hometown – Blyth, Northumberland

Home Promotion – IWF

Finisher(s) – Angel Delight (X-Factor), Flying Clothesline

A quick, agile flyer, O’Neill has competed in the IWF for four years and has taken her rivalry with Phoenix up and down the Northeast.  She has never been the most popular of competitors, as her arrogant demeanour has tended to rub fans the wrong way.  She certainly has the ability to go all the way in the tournament, but only if she can find a way to focus on the task in hand rather than becoming pre-occupied with her nemesis, Phoenix.

Hometown – Coventry

Home Promotion – MPW

Finisher(s) – Sliced Bread #2, Senton Splash

 Jetta is the current MPW ‘Queen of the Ring’ and a former IWF Women’s Champion.  She is primarily a mat-based wrestler and is known for her ability to pull of reversals from what appear to be losing positions.  She is familiar to IWF fans and will find that her crisp ring work has won her a lot of fans in the Northeast.  If she can turn this support to her advantage, she could find herself as the winner of Ladies Night 2004.


To order tickets, please send cheques to –

North East Wrestling

St. Joseph’s Emmaus Hall

Walker Terrace


Tyne and Wear                          

– Cheques must arrive 7 days before the event.

– Make payable to North East Wrestling.


The IWF would like to thank Northern Rock and Green’s Gym for their sponsorship of this event.