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BHW Evil Intentions Results 14/08/04

BHW Evil Intentions Results  (14/08/04)

The night kicked off with XDW members Xavior, Tommy Stevens and Jimmi Infinity coming to the ring and explaining how BHW owner Evan Richards caused an injury to Tommy Stevens brother, Danny Stevens, and screwed them out of a title shot. Evan Richards then made his way down to the ring and said that XDW were going around acting like they run the place and that they dont and he does. He then went on to reinstate Tommy Stevens and his new partner, Jimmi Infinity, into the tag team title match making it a 3-way tag team match for the BHW Titles. Evan Richards then went to leave the ring but Tommy Stevens pulled him back and hit a vicious DDT and continued the assault with kicks to the back of Evan Richards.

Malice Mascarado defeats ‘Pop Sensation’ Jayson Mayson

Angel Gonzales defeats ‘The Bird Of Prey’ Falcon

D-Kid defeats Brigzy Boy

Spud defeats The Special Agent

Evan Richards defeats Scotty Daniels and Caleb to win the BHW Hardcore title. After the match Tommy Stevens came out at the top of the entrance and said the Hardcore title is his.

There was then a 15 minute interval.

‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite defeats El Ligero

The British Connection defeat The Judge and Spindoctor, and Tommy Stevens and Jimmi Infinity to win the BHW Tag Team titles.

Assassin defeats Mooga to become the BHW British Champion

‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite wins the Battle Royal