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Future Shock Wrestling Results – Stockport – 14/08/04

Future Shock Wrestling Results – Stockport – 14/08/04

Crowd 200,
MC: Greg Lambert

Paul Zantar vs Dom Travis- Nice opener, Dom T got some nice heel heat and Zantar was well over as face.

The finish- Zantar set up Dom for a tornado ddt but Dom T tried to counter it only for Zantar to drill him with the tornado DDT for the win.

Winner: Paul Zantar

Dave Rayne and the ‘Nu Phase’ Joey Hayes vs Ben Rage and Marco Tiforio.

Some great tag team pyscology in this one, the crowd were into the match from start to finish. Ben and Marco were impressive and really did themselves proud in their pro debuts. Marcos offense though unorthodox was surprisingly entertaining. Dave Rayne deserved the response he got from his hometown crowd.

The Finish- Joey dived onto Marco from over the top rope, Marco claimed Hayes had been injured an all this went on af Dave had hit his patented finisher The Rayne Check on Ben so the ref stopped the count, Dave checked to see if Joey was ok only to be rolled up by Ben with the tights for the win.

Winners: Marco Tiforio and Ben Rage

Minx vs Nikita
A match that once again showed that women can wrestle and are not just eye candy, some nice technical and innovative offense from Minx.

The finish: Nikita and Minx traded moves with Nikita coming out on top and hittinga neckbreaker onto the knee for the win.

Winner: Nikita

Dangerous Damon Leigh vs James Tighe
MOTN- Very entertaining fast paced an the technical was solid, there were some great moves from Tighe and Leigh like a very innovative neckbreaker from Tighe an over the top rope Downward Spiral from Leigh.

The finish: Tighe got the knees up on a moonsault and hit the Tighetanic for the win.

Winner: James Tighe

Greg Lambert announced the Stockport Raffle and the unveiling of a new Alex Shane Tshirt. Flyers were handed out for the FWA show in Morecambe featuring Spanky,Colt Cabana and Steve Corino

Matt Thunder, Andy Sabbath and ? (didnt catch the third lads name)
Carl Richards, Dirk Feelgood and Ashe of the New Breed

Decent 6 man tag an the 4 trainees did themselves proud in their debuts, usual tag pyscology which went well. Mystery Guy hit a lionsault which was ace. Some gr8 false finishes and Carls Cobra Clutch was cool.

The Finish: Mystery lad crotched Ashe on the top rope, went for a superplex and it
was countered by Ashe into a Top Rope DVD for the win.

Winners: Carl Richards, Dirk Feelgood and Ashe

‘ShowStealer’ Alex Shane vs ‘ Manchester Devil’ Declan O’ Connor
Pretty good match, Declan has improved a lot since I last saw him and Alex was impressive. Some nice pyscology and heel tactics from Shane.

The Finish: Alex unscrewed the turnbuckle , Declan hit Alex head into it when the ref was distracted, Wheelbarrow Bulldog, ref was putting the pad back, Declan goes to get the ref, Alex hits a lowblow, One Night Stand 1 2 3.

Winner: ‘Showstealer’ Alex Shane

Main Event: ROH Pure Wrestling Heavyweight title.
‘Anarchist’ Doug Williams (champion) vs Double C.
A Quality match and main event, sound technical and some really great moves. Double C was ace as always as was Doug.

The Finish: Both men had used up their 3 rope breaks and Doug had worked Cs arm for the match, C was crotched on the top rope and Doug went up top and af a series of punches and move attempts, Doug locked in a armbar in the ropes and Double C submitted.

Winner and STILL ROH Pure Wrestling Champion-‘Anarchist’ Doug Williams

In conclusion a very good show, the trainees were impressive and i’d definitely reccomend FSW and am looking forward to their next show.

Thanks to GPW Kristian Zane