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FWA Hotwired News, New Matches Announced

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The war of words is over. At long last, ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane and ‘The King Of Old School’ Steve Corino will settle their differences in the ring at FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne on Sunday September 5. has discovered that this long-awaited match up only came about thanks to the intervention of FWA Commissioner Flash Barker . In his role as the FWA Managing Director, Alex Shane had done everything in his power to stop the company from bringing Corino over for Hotwired – even going so far as to over-spend on the talent budget by booking Corino’s fellow imports Spanky and Colt Cabana in an attempt to ensure the FWA could not afford his nemesis. However, Flash Barker was insistent the Shane-Corino match should definitely take place, arguing strongly to the FWA management committee that it would seriously undermine his authority within the company if Shane was seen to get his way again in this situation, also stating in his opinion the fans had been cheated out of this match for long enough, in fact ever since Shane and Corino had their first in-ring confrontation at New Frontiers. The Showstealer has long been accused of ducking Corino, even to the point where he had to field accusations – later revealed to be unfounded – that he had somehow tampered with the American’s flight to ensure he no-showed Carpe Diem in June.

So much to The Showstealer’s fury, he was out-voted and the match everyone has been waiting for between Shane and the former ECW Champion will now definitely go ahead at Hotwired on September 5.

How this will affect Alex Shane’s state of mind is anyone’s guess. Sources close to The Showstealer claim he has been growing increasingly paranoid ever since the last FWA Live show in Morecambe on July 31. That night Alex was all set to take out his frustrations on perpetual thorn in his side Aviv Mayaan , when who should come to the rookie sensation’s rescue but FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams . Shane already harboured simmering resentment towards the champ after Williams humiliated the loudmouthed Londoner during his showdown with Corino at New Frontiers. Shane is now convinced ‘The Anarchist’ and his great friend Flash Barker are conspiring against him. Privately, the boss is said to be fuming with Williams and determined to teach him a lesson. Perhaps that lesson will come as soon as the FWA Hotwired weekend.


Speaking of the FWA Heavyweight Champion, it has been confirmed that Doug Williams will put his belt on the line at FWA Live in Morecambe on September 4. The champ will also definitely wrestle at Hotwired the following night. At present, his opponents in these matches have not been announced, although speculation is rife that either Spanky or Colt Cabana will challenge ‘The Anarchist’ at the Morecambe Dome.


FWA Commissioner Flash Barker has announced he has invited a mystery mainstream celebrity to the Broxbourne Civic Hall on Sunday September 5 to be his personal guest at the Hotwired show. As far as understands it, this guest has been invited to watch the show from the audience. We will be able to exclusively reveal the identity of Flash’s friend in our next news update on Saturday and believe me – this will be BIG news.


Last week on we reported that ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm is trying to get back into the FWA, despite losing a ‘Loser Leaves FWA Match’ to James Tighe in Morecambe on May 29. This developing story has gathered momentum in the past few days after the long-reigning XPW European Champion contacted this website requesting an on-line petition to be set up asking the fans if they would like to see a Dream Match between Jonny Storm and Spanky.

However, the management committee has said officially they would not sanction any petition on the FWA main website with concern to any grievances of former FWA wrestlers, however unofficially if there is enough strength of feeling among the FWA fan base regarding a possible Jonny comeback, then they may take this into consideration.


It has been announced that there will be another of the FWA’s ever-popular Guest Matches at Hotwired on September 5. As of yet, the participants have not been confirmed but we at expect more news on this later in the week.

In a definite match just signed for FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne, one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions Simmons will take on ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan. This is a rematch from their recent clash at FWA Live in Enfield where Sloan picked up an upset victory. In a related news story, the FWA Head Trainer’s defeat of the popular butler caught the eye of ‘The Shining Light’ Stevie Knight who, as has been well-documented, has been on a crusade to find a permanent tag team partner to realise his dream of re-claiming FWA Tag Team Title gold. Knight has tried, and rejected, the likes of Jorge Castano and Dirk Feelgood in the past, but has told that Sloan’s win over Simmons proves ‘The Specialist’ has what it takes to be his long-term partner. So the Simmons-Sloan match at Hotwired will carry a stipulation – if ‘The Specialist’ wins again, he and Knight get a shot at Hampton Court at British Uprising 3. In the meantime, the new tandem of Knight and Sloan will make their debut at Morecambe on September 4. They will take on The Shining Light’s rejected former team-mate, Dirk Feelgood. The Monk of Funk is currently trying to recruit a partner to take on Knight and Sloan.

One of the biggest news stories to come out of FWA Vendetta was the developing situation between ‘ The Monster’ Burchill and ‘The Highlander from Hell’ Drew McDonald. These two behemoths had to be separated and escorted from the building by security after they nearly came to blows prior to The Family’s losing effort to Hampton Court for the FWA Tag Team Titles. In the aftermath of Vendetta, Drew McDonald’s manager Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert met with FWA officials to vent his spleen over Burchill’s ‘unprofessional actions’ at the show.Says Lambert, not only did The Monster interrupt the FWA Tag Team Title match and cause The Family to lose concentration and arguably therefore cost them the belts, but while Drew left the arena peacefully when instructed to do so by Flash Barker, Burchill did so only after he caused a scene and violently attacked a member of Barker’s FWA security team.

The upshot of this is that despite last-minute pleas from the popular powerhouse’s manager ‘The Twisted Genius’ Dean Ayass , The Truth has been successful in obtaining a temporary restraining order against Burchill – so the Monster is now officially banned from setting foot inside the Broxbourne Civic Hall on September 5.


Our next FWA Hotwired update here on will be on Saturday (August 21) and there will be regular updates every Monday (for Morecambe news), and on Wednesdays and Saturdays (for Hotwired news) in the run-up to the big weekend.

Remember, tickets for FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne on Sunday September 5 are on sale now. Ticket prices are £35 for Gold ringside, £25 for silver and other tickets are available for £20, £15 and £10. Gold and Silver ticket holders and Fan Club members (Fan Club members can bring one guest each) will be allowed into the arena early (at 5.40pm for a 5.45pm start) to see a special bonus Dark Match at FWA Hotwired. The doors proper will then open at 6pm and the main show will commence at 6.30pm.

Fans are advised to book their tickets for Hotwired in advance after FWA Vendetta was sold out and standing room only. The box office number for Hotwired is 01992 441946.

Tickets are also on sale for FWA Live in Morecambe at the Dome on Saturday September 4, priced at £15 front row ringside, £9 for adults, £7 for ages 16 and under and £28 for a family ticket. Doors are at 7pm and bell time is 7.30pm. The box office number is 01524 582803.

These shows will be taped for FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel.