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All Japan Summer Impact Tour results

Today All Japan started its new tour, the Summer Impact Series and it is already building up to the big clash at the end of the tour where Nishimura of New Japan will take on Kawada for the Triple Crown. Today he teamed with Arashi and Muto against Kawada, Fuchi and Araya and Muto took the duke with a Shining Wizard to Araya….

Also NJPW’s Takemura took on a team of Hayashi and Rocky Romero, his fellow NJPW cruiser! He and his partner MAZADA where DQ’d for illegal interferance as Takemura looks to start a riot in AJPW and move again on Hayashi’s title…

AJPW, 8/22/04
Ome City Nishi Tokyo Horizontal Open Space
1,800 Fans
– Super No Vacancy

1. Gran Hamada beat Daisaku Shimoda (7:31) with the Hama-Chan Cutter.
2. Tomoaki Honma beat Taichi Ishikari (11:17) with the Shalimarti.
3. D-Lo Brown beat Nobukazu Hirai (10:54) with the Lo Down.
4. Kaz Hayashi & Rocky Romero  beat Katsushi Takemura  & MAZADA (14:22) when Takemura was DQ’d.
5. Takao Omori & Koichiro Kimura beat Satoshi Kojima & Ryuji Hijikata (12:20) when Omori used an Axe Bomber on Hijikata.
6. Keiji Muto, Osamu Nishimura  & Arashi beat Toshiaki Kawada, Masanobu Fuchi & Nobutaka Araya (21:58) when Muto used the Shining Wizard on Araya.