UK Scene Weekly

UK Scene #136

Saracen takes a look at the latest UK news from the UK scene including news from RBW, FCW, FWA, UKPW, The UK Pitbulls and more…

We start off this addition of the UK scene with a sad note, Goldy, our ever diligent UK scene staff writer’s tooth has become bad, very bad in fact it was getting to the point where if she didn’t get emergency treatment on her it could have gone septic and killed her.

So please join me in giving her our best wishes and a speedy recovery.

RBW have announced that one of their wrestlers has opened their own web page, now personally, I will never have a “Saracen” web page, It doesn’t seem right that I should build a site dedicated to myself, just seems a touch wrong.

However, not to take anything away from Ross Jordan, I am sure that the “gift” deserves credit where credit is due and it is always nice to hear what fellow wrestlers get up to in their spare time as well as work time, as long as it is kept updated.

If you want to read what the gift has to say, take a look at

FCW have announced that at their next show at the Collingwood Centre on Friday September 3rd, they will be having a guest match starring the stars from the South-West of England the newly formed 4FW.

4FW Guest Tag-Team Match:
The Mailman & Ashton Brown w/Athena Gold vs. Van Wicked & Exodus

Again, I can only applaud FCW for their attempts to get something bigger done in UK wrestling. Well done again guys!

The UK Pitbulls have released the following statement:

“As the Olympic games are on at the minute, we at the Pitbull Powerhouse will be holding a special training session on Wednesday 25th August with a top olympic style wrestler from the Ukraine. This will last about half the session with the other half normal pro-wrestling. Prices are the same as normal – £25 for first timers (includes lesson and sign on fee) and £10 for regulars. Child classes from 5.30pm are as usual. Adult classes start at 7pm and will end at about 8.30pm.”

I think that some wrestlers will be interested in this, as well as some newcomers, as most Pro wrestling has its roots in “Olympic” style wrestling, there could be some good lessons learned and some new tricks for wrestlers to try out in the ring!

UKPW are offering the second part of their video for £6.99, which I think is pretty good value myself. This offer only lasts until the end of this month, and you can buy it at their web site ( Or pop along to one of their shows and take a look at them live, then take the video home for some fond memories!

UKPW’s next show is on September 3rd at the Waterside theatre, Hampshire.

FWA had me worried for a short while, things went a little too quiet for my liking, though some have disagreed with me. However, this time they have strode forth with what looks like a great event coming up.

Though Goldy spoke about this upcoming show in the last UK scene, I think the biggest development is that Spud will be making a full show debut. I’ve met Spud, and I think he’ll agree that describing him as a junior heavyweight is a little overzealous by FWA to be honest. Though I’m not gonna let something as silly as that spoil his big day though… go Spud go!

As usual I get the quiet week, so that’s your lot, again I ask you to join me in wishing Goldy better and Spud the best of luck in his FWA full debut!

Don’t forget to read Scott Future’s Article and I’ll be back with my next tenet soon.

Oh and today’s (Mon. 23rd August) my birthday.