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MORECAMBE NEWS can exclusively reveal most of the matches taking place at the FWA Live show at the Morecambe Dome on Saturday September 4 – the night before Hotwired.

Just 24 hours before he will finally square off against his nemesis ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane , ‘The King of Old School’ Steve Corino will be pitched into battle with Shane’s protégé, FWA All-England Champion ‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen.

Apparently The Showstealer has handpicked Hade for the job and instructed him to take Corino out of the picture before Hotwired, perhaps another example of the FWA’s Managing Director doing everything within his power to avoid the match with the former ECW Heavyweight Champion. However, Corino contacted directly by e-mail and told us that he is more than ready to go through The South City Thriller in order to finally get his hands on Shane. Expect Vansen v Corino to be an extremely heated confrontation indeed.

Alex Shane has also used his influence to ensure that another of the perpetual thorns in his side will not have an easy night at Morecambe . Jack Xavier will take on FWA debutant, and member of Alex Shane’s Personal Security, Martin Stone. Again, we at understand that the burly Stone is under strict instructions by his boss to give Xavier a serious beating and if possible, injure him severely. However, Jack Xavier has often said the Morecambe Dome is his favourite venue to wrestle in and he has vowed to give Stone an extremely rocky first night inside an FWA ring.

There is still no 100% confirmation of who FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams will face in a title defence at Morecambe. It will definitely be one of the other American names appearing on the Hotwired weekend but rumour has it that once again, the omnipresent Alex Shane may have something to do with the delay in this announcement. After his recent problems with Doug Williams, there is speculation that The Showstealer may be playing mind games with the champ – ensuring his opponent’s name is with-held for as long as possible thus giving The Anarchist as little preparation time as possible for this important title defence. Although there is no concrete evidence to suggest this is the case, as usual where Alex Shane is concerned, there may be no smoke without fire.

One thing we do know, is that whichever of the Americans does NOT face Williams at Morecambe, will instead step into the ring with James Tighe. Tighe has successfully petitioned FWA management for a match on September 4 with either Spanky or Colt Cabana . We await confirmation of what should be two classic UK v USA match-ups for Morecambe Dome fans.

Dirk Feelgood has found a partner to take on Stevie Knight and ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan in their tag team match at Morecambe. Lancashire’s own Dangerous Damon Leigh has volunteered to be at the side of The Monk of Funk at The Dome. Dirk told that his plan is for Leigh’s vaunted wrestling ability to counter-act the technical skills of The Specialist, while Dirk – The Altar Boy of Sexual Joy – will concentrate on matching wiles with the equally charismatic ‘Shining Light’ Stevie Knight. Remember, this is the FWA debut as a team of Knight and Sloan, who hope to go on to challenge Hampton Court for the FWA Tag Team Titles – but only IF Sloan can defeat Simmons the following night at Hotwired.

One more match remains to be signed for FWA Live at the Morecambe Dome on Saturday September 4. We will have confirmation of this match in our final Morecambe update next Monday (August 30).

Finally, news on the by-now legendary Morecambe Raffle . has learned that a limited edition DVD copy of some of the early episodes of FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel, plus a brand new DVD player, will be up for grabs as very special prizes on the night of September 4. As always, FWA ring announcer ‘Hardcore’ John Atkins will be your host for wrestling’s answer to the National Lottery.

Our next FWA Hotwired update here on will be on Wednesday (August 25) and there will be regular updates every Monday (for Morecambe news), and on Wednesdays and Saturdays (for Hotwired news) in the run-up to the big weekend.

Remember, tickets for FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne on Sunday September 5 are on sale now. Ticket prices are £35 for Gold ringside, £25 for silver and other tickets are available for £20, £15 and £10. Gold and Silver ticket holders and Fan Club members (Fan Club members can bring one guest each) will be allowed into the arena early (at 5.40pm for a 5.45pm start) to see a special bonus Dark Match at FWA Hotwired, featuring the high-flying Spud . The doors proper will then open at 6pm and the main show will commence at 6.30pm.

Fans are advised to book their tickets for Hotwired in advance after FWA Vendetta was sold out and standing room only. The box office number for Hotwired is 01992 441946.

Tickets are also on sale for FWA Live in Morecambe at the Dome on Saturday September 4, priced at £15 front row ringside, £9 for adults, £7 for ages 16 and under and £28 for a family ticket. Doors are at 7pm and bell time is 7.30pm. The box office number is 01524 582803.

These shows will be taped for FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel.