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wZw Results (Fri 27 Aug)

wZw Path to Destruction Results (Whitley Bay 27th August 2004)

With a draw of 168, not we have had in Whitley bay, but its to be expected on a bank holiday weekend and a show on a Friday. Tonight saw the birth of the giant screen which went down really well, all the wrestlers had their own entrance videos and the live in ring action was screened.

The show started as the lights went dim, the scanners and lighting effects filtered through the smoke, a blast of classical music hit the PA and the opening music video was screened, as it finished the fans cheered and applauded. what a great way to start the show.

John Britain and Ritchie Saint were defeated by Bomber Mills and AJ Anderson, this was our Nu Breed Academy Match and a good one to get the crowd going.

Next out was General Trent Steel he defeated Mark Sloan and won the Inter-Promotional Title from Mark, Mark came to the ring with 4 of his Sloan clones..

Shady Nattrass def Joey Hayes in a hard hitting battle, with some pretty extreme spots

wZw’s first inter-gender Tag Team Match saw Anthony ‘Livewire’ Macintyre & Lexx defeat TJ Cain and Rio Martinez, Rio took some serious sick beatings from both Lexx and Livewire.

we went for the interval, some more music videos played on the giant screen

Full Pack lost to Carbon and Super Ted Taylor in a looser looses pants match. This tag team match had it all, high spots, crazy spots, hard spots, technical and comedy spots.

Aviv Maayan defeated Dangerous Damon Leigh in a technical wrestling master class.

Iceman forced spitfire to quit in a bloody I Quit match after wrapping barbed wire around spitfires neck, high lights of the match was Iceman ending up in a hangman after a plancha went horribly wrong, spitfire took the chance to finish it, by tightening the turnbuckles to tighten the rope around iceman’s neck. Also Iceman was scoop slammed off the steps into the ring through a board of Light Tubes, and spitfire ended up wrapped in barbed wire after being whipped into a board of coiled barbed wire.

After the match, Iceman took the mic and decided it was time to retire the wZw extreme title, wZw had took the title to the top and beyond. Iceman went on to mention all the stars that had took part in the title over the years and thanked them all. Many of the wrestlers and myself had tears streaming down our faces, as Iceman said wZw was built on Hardcore and Extreme and it helped put us all on the map. The fans chanted Iceman, Dub Zee Dub so loud, it was an amazing sound to hear. Iceman then pointed to the screen and a 6 minute tribute video to the title and the wrestlers who have battled for the title. The place was silent throughout. When the video finished there was amassive applause and more dub zee dub chants.

The title is now taking its place in the wZw history books. Once a year we are going to have a UK first, a wZw Worldwide King of Extreme Tournament, where we will dedicated a whole show to the extremes of wrestling and will be booking some the best extreme wrestlers from all over the world, by extreme we don’t just mean garbage, we mean, high flyers, strong style, hardcore, garbage and more…

We are off to Redcar tomorrow and Cramlington on Sunday, hope to see some of you there. wZw is getting bigger and better at every turn. Its thanks to the fans and the wrestlers who work with us and for us that are helping us become a great promotion and one that will continue to grow and become one of the best.

Gary ‘Commissioner’ Graham