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FWA management this week contacted Jonny Storm and advised him that, despite the strength of public feeling in favour of his comeback, they will not sanction The Wonderkid’s return to an FWA ring.

Company spokesman Justin Richards made the following statement to…..

“After long and arduous debate, the FWA management committee has decided to uphold the terms of the Loser Leaves FWA match between James Tighe and Jonny Storm on May 29 at Morecambe. We simply cannot afford to set a precedent by agreeing to sanction Mr Storm’s return to an FWA ring after he lost that particular match. In making this decision, the committee acknowledges the results of an unofficial poll, held on the UK Fan Forum, where the majority of our fans expressed their desire to see Mr Storm face a top American star in a dream match at Hotwired. But we also acknowledge that recent developments regarding that American’s withdrawal from his UK Tour have made the results of this poll untenable.”

When Jonny Storm heard the news, shortly after returning from a tour of Japan this past week, he contacted and vowed to intensify his quest to be re-instated into the FWA. The Wonderkid said he had already set up his own petition, had already obtained hundreds of signatures, and intended to travel the length and breadth of the UK to drum up even more support for his FWA return from wrestling fans inside and outside venues all over the country – in a campaign he calls The Wonderwhirl-d Tour. Storm even claims he gained a huge amount of signatures from Japanese fans during his tour of the Orient. However, we at remain sceptical about Jonny’s claims about the overwhelming success of his campaign. The Harlow high-flyer was not exactly the most popular performer when he was in the FWA and the although the overwhelming results of the UKFF poll cannot be denied, the fans were only voting to see him compete against one particular opponent. And remember his lofty boasts about the XPW European Title, when there was never any evidence that the belt actually existed? Many feel this ‘petition’ is about as authentic as his title belt. But despite all this, no matter how much fan support Jonny can acquire, the FWA appears to have made its final ruling on the matter.


Two of the greats of British wrestling will square off in a World of Sport Guest Match when Johnny Kidd and Steve Grey go one-on-one at FWA Hotwired on Sunday September 5.

Kidd and Grey have wrestled each other on many occasions and had numerous classic battles in the 70s and 80s, some of which have been broadcast recently on The Wrestling Channel. Even now, these two tremendous veterans are capable of producing a brand of scientific wrestling in the traditional British style that is second to none. This will be Johnny Kidd’s first appearance in an FWA ring and Steve Grey’s second, following his match with Mal Sanders at Carpe Diem.

Expect a competitive masterclass of a match, fought under ‘Old School’ rules (six-rounds, two falls, two submissions or a knockout to decide the winner) when Johnny Kidd and Steve Grey step into the ring at Broxbourne.


Recent developments surrounding the withdrawal of a top American name from the Hotwired weekend appears to have thrown the FWA management team into turmoil and caused a further delay to the announcement of some of the top matches for Broxbourne.

James Tighe, who looked set to face the American on September 5, was temporarily left without an opponent until Colt Cabana announced he was more than willing to face the technical wizard at Broxbourne. But to add a further combustible element to the proceedings, leading singles contender Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton then threw his hat in the ring. The cocky Five Star argued that after victories this year over Aviv Mayaan , Jack Xavier, The Zebra Kid and Tighe himself, he was more deserving of a match with Cabana. FWA management are still considering the merits of both Tighe – who of course recently scored back-to-back wins over Jonny Storm and AJ Styles – and Belton before making a decision on Cabana’s opponent. And don’t forget, there is FWA Heavyweight Champion ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams to consider as well. Will management disregard the claims of Tighe and Belton, and instead decide that The Second City Saint deserves to challenge for the big belt?


The withdrawal of an American from the Hotwired weekend seemed to put paid to the rumours that a top name in the FWA would be signed to face Spud in the Dark Match at Broxbourne. However, although this would mean another major star being removed from a place on the main card, the speculation has actually intensified this week.

A number of crisis meetings were held behind closed doors to discuss the Dark Match situation, where understands heated words were exchanged, with Commissioner Flash Barker particularly vocal with his views on the subject. The issue of who Spud’s opponent will be seems to have split opinion within the company to the extent that the FWA management committee have decided to consider the arguments put forward at the meeting further before deciding what to do. Unfortunately, despite our attempts to pin Flash Barker down this week for an interview, we have not been able to find out any more about this mysterious and explosive situation.


The FWA management committee has ordered a ‘cooling off period’ in an attempt to stem the hostility between feuding father and son Ricky Knight and The Zebra Kid.

Such was the brutality of their bloody match at FWA Vendetta, and so deep are the hugely personal issues running throughout the Knight family at present, that FWA officials thought it best not to sign either man to a match at Hotwired on September 5. Instead, Knight and Zebra have been ordered to stay at their respective homes and lick their wounds.

Unsurprisingly, this decision does not sit well with either man. Sources close to The Rowdy One say he is absolutely furious with the decision, such is his desire to “finish what he started” at Vendetta. Meanwhile The Zebra Kid e-mailed this website with an uncharacteristic rant, going into graphic detail (much too graphic for us to print) over the frustration he feels and the acts of violence he wishes to perpetrate against his father. Needless to say, so far the ‘cooling off period’ does not appear to have had the desired effect. has learned that the FWA booking committee is putting the finishing touches to a huge six-man tag team match for FWA Hotwired on September 5. We understand that the ubiquitous Alex Shane , as head booker for the FWA, has had considerable influence over the content of this match – as the team captains will be Shane’s protégé, the FWA All-England Champion ‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen and his bitter rival for the All-England belt, Jack Xavier. This website understands that Hade (with the help of The Showstealer, of course) and Jack are in the process of selecting their team-mates and we should be able to reveal the other members of Team Vansen and Team Xavier in our next update on Wednesday.

Don’t forget the matches already signed for FWA Hotwired on Sunday September 5 at Broxbourne Civic Hall:

‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane v Steve Corino
Special Guest Appearance by boxer, and the man who beat Mike Tyson, ‘The Legend Killer’ Danny Williams

Simmons v ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan (if Sloan wins, he and Steve Knight get a shot at Hampton Court’s FWA Tag Team Titles)

‘The Hardcore Icon’ Paul Travell v Raj Ghosh (if Travell wins, he gets five minutes in the ring with Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert )

Johnny Kidd v Steve Grey (World of Sport Guest Match)

Team Vansen v Team Xavier in a Six-Man Tag Team Challenge

Special Ringsiders and Fan Club Members Dark Match featuring Spud

And also – there is the confusion surrounding James Tighe , Colt Cabana and Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton still to be cleared up.


Our next FWA Hotwired update here on will be on Monday (August 30) with the latest news of the FWA Live show in Morecambe on Saturday September 4. Then we will return with a Broxbourne update on Wednesday (September 1). This will include all the news from the camps of Alex Shane and Steve Corino ahead of their blockbuster grudge match at FWA Hotwired, and a recap of the hostile history between these two men.

Remember, tickets for FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne on Sunday September 5 are on sale now. Ticket prices are £35 for Gold ringside, £25 for silver and other tickets are available for £20, £15 and £10. Gold and Silver ticket holders and Fan Club members (Fan Club members can bring one guest each) will be allowed into the arena early (at 5.40pm for a 5.45pm start) to see a special bonus Dark Match at FWA Hotwired featuring Spud. The doors proper will then open at 6pm and the main show will commence at 6.30pm.

Fans are advised to book their tickets for Hotwired in advance after FWA Vendetta was sold out and standing room only. The box office number for Hotwired is 01992 441946.

Tickets are also on sale for FWA Live in Morecambe at the Dome on Saturday September 4, priced at £15 front row ringside (SOLD OUT), £9 for adults, £7 for ages 16 and under and £28 for a family ticket. Doors are at 7pm and bell time is 7.30pm. The box office number is 01524 582803.

These shows will be taped for FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel.