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United Kingdom Pro Wrestling At Clapton Park Summer Fete

Press Release
United Kingdom Pro Wrestling at Clapton Park Summer Fete

On Saturday August 28th, UKPW staged it’s very first best 2 out of 3 falls contest between ‘The Atomic Ant’ Anton Green and ‘Wrestling’s Cool Kid’ Stevie James. Held in Gilpin Square, Hackney as part of the Clapton Park Summer Fete, this contest lasted a grueling 30 minutes and ended in a time limit draw.

The match was evenly fought throughout with a missed frog splash from Stevie James leaving the opening for Anton Green to strike with an ace crusher to win the first fall. The second fall went to James after Green ran directly into a superkick and was pinned. The third and final fall was fought much the same as the previous two as both men attempted to put the other away with pinning combinations and submission holds. When the last minute was announced, the two grapplers began a frantic attempt to score the win but to no avail. As the final seconds were counting down, James tried one last attempt to pin his opponent but Green kicked out and the match ended just seconds later.

After the match was announced as a draw, both men shook hands and were applauded by an appreciative crowd. It was also announced at this event that UKPW will return to Hackney, London on Thursday October 7th at the Nye Bevan Hall.

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