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FWA News Update Including Full Broxbourne Card

FWA News Update Including Full Broxbourne Card


One of the FWA’s most storied rivalries will finally be settled inside the squared circle at FWA Hotwired when ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane and ‘The King of Old School’ Steve Corino square off on Sunday September 5.

The seeds of the hatred between the two men were sown just prior to Frontiers of Honor, the FWA collaboration show with Ring Of Honor, in May 2003. Steve Corino was initially announced as appearing on that event as part of the ROH squad to take on an FWA team. However, just prior to the show it was revealed that Corino would not be appearing as advertised and FWA managing director Alex Shane laid the blame firmly at the feet of the former ECW Heavyweight Champion in a blistering Internet attack.

Time passed until FWA New Frontiers on March 26 2004, when Corino shockingly interrupted a match between Aviv Mayaan and Mark Sloan to a deafening crowd response. Furious that The Showstealer had dragged his good name through the dirt, the Philadelphian explained to the FWA faithful that Shane had lied – he had been more than willing to come over for Frontiers of Honor but only to fight on the FWA team, a request the tyrannical Showstealer had declined. Alex Shane came out to confront his nemesis, conveniently backed up by his security team as he ran his mouth, and called the American ‘Steve Cori- No Show’, among other insults.

Shane and Corino were prevented from coming to blows by the arrival of FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams who demanded and received a match with Corino, threatening to convince the fans to sue Alex if they did not receive an FWA Title defence as advertised and by standing up to the boss, sowing the seeds of Shane’s current rancour against the champ. Backed into a corner, the Showstealer gave in, despite his fury at the idea of ‘The King of Old School’ wrestling on an FWA show. But Shane had the last laugh in the match itself, interfering to cost Corino the title when Steve seemed to be on his way to defeating Williams.

The rest of the FWA New Frontiers weekend at Enfield and Newport saw Shane and Corino interfere in each other’s matches and the war of words escalate, both inside the ring and in backstage promos for FWA TV. Corino then returned to the States, fully intending to continue his quest to destroy Shane in a tag team match at Carpe Diem on June 26. But flight problems prevented Steve from arriving in the UK, and The Showstealer took great delight in rubbing Corino’s nose in this fact, fuelling accusations that he was ducking The King of Old School and was delighted to have avoided a physical confrontation.

But now on September 5, thanks to the integrity of FWA Commissioner Flash Barker who pushed strongly for the match and despite The Showstealer trying every possible way to weasel out of finally facing Corino, there is no escape for Alex Shane. The King of Old School will finally have his opportunity to get his hands on the motormouthed North Londoner and FWA fans will finally have the chance to find out just which of these explosive personalities is the better man – and after months of talking, which of them will have the final word.


After much deliberation, the FWA management team has signed a match for Hotwired in Broxbourne on September 5 between Colt Cabana and Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton.

The committee felt that after a series of impressive victories in 2004, including over another contender to face Cabana at Hotwired – James Tighe , that Five Star deserved his first ever chance to compete in the FWA against an international opponent. The cocky Belton is promising to shock the world and upset the Second City Saint at Broxbourne Civic Hall to prove the top brass were correct to have such faith in him.


In a stunning and unexpected development, the FWA management committee also announced today they were removing Spud from the Dark Match at Hotwired and instead pitching him into battle on the main show with James Tighe.

This decision will surely increase speculation over the Dark Match and its participants, which has become such a bone of contention within the FWA corridors of power recently and we have learned that the identities of the wrestlers competing in this match will remain a closely-guarded secret until the night of Hotwired itself. The only comments we could obtain from company spokesman Justin Richards was that Spud deserved his chance to perform on the main Hotwired show because the fans demanded to see more of him after his stunning performances not only at recent Morecambe shows, but also in the round-robin tournament at Enfield on August 7. Richards also said Tighe was selected as his opponent because James has a genuine gripe with the high-flying Midlander. Remember, Tighe was originally scheduled to be in the Enfield round robin tournament and feels that Spud stole his thunder by performing so impressively in an event Tighe believes he would have dominated but for illness. Incidentally, Spud has been medically cleared to wrestle at Hotwired despite the injury he suffered at Enfield, which prevented him from completing the tournament.


Last time on we announced that recent Enfield round robin tournament winner Jack Xavier would lead a team into six-man battle against his bitter rival the FWA All-England Champion Hade Vansen at Hotwired. We have now learned that Jack has recruited Aviv Mayaan and Ross Jordan to be his partners, while ‘The South City Thrilla’ has handpicked Alex Shane’s Head of Security Stixx and fellow security team member Martin Stone .

Aviv and Ross are interesting picks by Xavier as both have had their fair share of problems this year with Hade’s mentor ‘The Showstealer’ – and Hade has obviously consulted with Shane before opting to surround himself with his regular tag team partner’s hired muscle. With so many scores to settle, expect Team Vansen versus Team Xavier to be an extremely heated contest.


Jonny Storm continues to e-mail on an almost daily basis with lists of names of fans – and even some famous people – he claims have signed his petition during his self-styled ‘Wonderwhirld Tour’ of wrestling arenas to drum up support for his attempted FWA comeback.

However, since the statement released by FWA management last week where they refused to sanction The Wonderkid’s return to the ring, we at are under strict instructions not to say too much about Storm’s petition for fear of giving him false encouragement.

What we can tell you is that we believe Jonny has asked FWA management if they mind him popping in to the Broxbourne Civic Hall on September 5 before Hotwired gets under way to say hello, or possibly goodbye, to old friends within the FWA. We understand that Storm’s request is currently being strongly considered.


Since news broke that heavyweight boxer Danny Williams would be making a special guest appearance to watch FWA Hotwired on September 5, there has been interest within both the mainstream and wrestling press.

This past Saturday, The Daily Star carried an almost full-page article on the man who beat Mike Tyson and his involvement with the FWA. Representatives from The Sun, including former Talk Wrestling radio co-host Simon Lilsboy , and writers from top UK fight magazine Boxing Monthly are planning to be in attendance at Broxbourne to cover Danny’s appearance. And Power Slam magazine also published an article on Williams in Issue 122 (in all good newsagents now) where the man who now likes to be called ‘The Legend Killer’ was quoted as saying: “I’ve been a big, big wrestling fan for years and have always wanted to get into it. In fact, I’d love to actually get in there and have a match…..”

His comments in Power Slam, and those of managing director Alex Shane who said he was “flattered” that Williams would take such an interest in FWA, have fuelled speculation that Danny’s involvement on Sunday may not be restricted to just sitting in the audience as an invited guest of FWA Commissioner Flash Barker. Williams is clearly itching to take a more hands-on approach and it will be interesting to see if the Brixton Bomber indeed intends to simply attend the show as a fan, or whether he has another agenda.


… as follows.

‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane v ‘The King of Old School’ Steve Corino

Special guest appearance by heavyweight boxer – the man who beat Mike Tyson, ‘The Legend Killer’ Danny Williams

Colt Cabana v Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton

James Tighe v Spud

Simmons v ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan (if Sloan wins, he and Steve Knight get an FWA Tag Team Title shot against Hampton Court)

Johnny Kidd v Steve Grey (World of Sport Guest Match)

FWA All-England Champion ‘The South City Thrilla’ Hade Vansen, Stixx and Martin Stone v Jack Xavier, Aviv Mayaan and Ross Jordan

‘The Hardcore Icon’ Paul Travell v Raj Ghosh (if Travell wins, he gets five minutes in the ring with Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert )

Dark Match – competitors to be announced on the night


Remember, tickets for FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne on Sunday September 5 are on sale now. Ticket prices are £35 for Gold ringside, £25 for silver and other tickets are available for £20, £15 and £10. Gold and Silver ticket holders and Fan Club members (Fan Club members can bring one guest each) will be allowed into the arena early (at 5.40pm for a 5.45pm start) to see a special bonus Dark Match at FWA Hotwired. The doors proper will then open at 6pm and the main show will commence at 6.30pm.

Fans are advised to book their tickets for Hotwired in advance after FWA Vendetta was sold out and standing room only. The box office number for Hotwired is 01992 441946.

Tickets are also on sale for FWA Live in Morecambe at the Dome on Saturday September 4, priced at £15 front row ringside (SOLD OUT), £9 for adults, £7 for ages 16 and under and £28 for a family ticket. Doors are at 7pm and bell time is 7.30pm. The box office number is 01524 582803.

These shows will be taped for FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel.

Everyone at the FWA hopes to see you there and that you have a great time!