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Ultimate Championship Wrestling Present ‘Back 2 Skool’ Sunday, 5th Spetember

Ultimate Championship Wrestling are proud to announce that they will be producing a double-header show entitled “Back 2 Skool” this Sunday at Bowood House, Bowood, Wiltshire as part of the Bowood Police Benefit event.

Tickets for this event are seven pounds for adults, six for children. For this price you also get access to a star-studded concert featuring acts such as the Cheeky Girls which will take place simultaneously with the wrestling shows.

The cards for these two shows are as follows:

Morning Show

Big Taff vs American All-Star

6’5″ 260lbs Welsh monster Big Taff makes his UCW debut against Cleveland, Ohio’s very own American All-Star. Former fan-favourite All-Star turned his back on the people at the June 28th show in Frome, Somerset, when he launched a vicious assault on his former student Rocco. With the Welsh monster to deal with, as well as his former tutee on the lookout for revenge, has All-Star bitten off more than he can chew

Raging Bull & “The Evolution” Kriss Sprules vs. Rad Riley & Spyke

Tag team action as 240 lbs Snake Pit student Raging Bull bids to continue his rampage through the competition. He teams with The Empire’s Chief of Security, genetically-modified maniac “The Evolution” Kriss Sprules to form a team that has a total weight of 480lbs against up-and-coming mat technician Rad Riley and high-flying 105lbs underdog Spyke, in what is surely the mis-match of the year. Can Riley and Spyke overcome insurmountable odds and upset the two heavyweights, or will the combination of pure power and science tear them apart?

Rocco vs. “Marvellous” Mike Bird

A battle of two fast-rising stars picks up the tempo of the show as Weymouth’s number one superstar Rocco takes on the ‘Newport Nightmare’ “Marvellous” Mike Bird. Rocco is a top mat technician, with a diverse array of holds at his disposal, while “The Marvellous One” brings a high-flying offence rivalled only by the great junior heavyweights of Mexico and Japan.

Old-School Style British Rules Match – To take place over six 5-minute rounds, decided by two falls, two submissions or a knockout:
Matt Skills vs. Lord Alfred Churchill Jnr. the 3rd (With Special Guest referee “Mad” Eli Collins)

In a taste of the traditional, Norwegian mat wrestling superstar Matt Skills takes on Wessex’s own Lord Alfred Churchill Jnr. the 3rd in a gruelling thirty minute contest. They have 6 rounds in which to prove who is the better man, but with two such evenly matched combatants, who can pick a winner?

Elimination Match for the UCW Tag Team Titles:
Instinct & Damage vs. Lightning Lewis & Chris Recall

With his long term tag-team partner Country Boy out on the long-term injured list, Instinct has been forced to seek help from other quarters to defend their tag team titles. On Sunday, it will be the turn of Damage, an up-and-comer from the UCW Academy who receives a tough debut match against experienced tag team veteran, and one half of Deafomania, Lightning Lewis, who teams with his friend and rival Chris Recall in a bid to relieve Instinct of the burden of the belts.

Main Event:
South West Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final:
Dave “F’n” Pritchard (With Melicious & “The Evolution” Kriss Sprules) vs. Hubert

The leader of The Empire, Dave “F’n” Pritchard will attempt to further his bid for the new UCW South West Heavyweight Championship in this match, but first he must defeat the UCW United States Champion Hubert to earn his place in the final against long-time rival Instinct. Instinct gained a bye into the final after the quarter-final match between Rocco and American All-star (Held at Melksham Hospital Fete, July 4th) went to a double DQ. Hubert has overcome great odds before, but will the Empire at ringside be too much for him?

Plus a full supporting bill.

Afternoon Show

Anthrax vs. A Snake Pit Student (TBC)

Anthrax makes his long awaited return to Ultimate Championship Wrestling, where he aims to give one of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ students a harsh lesson in the ways of professional wrestling.

Six Pack Elimination Match:
“Marvellous” Mike Bird vs. American All-Star vs. Big Taff vs. Matt Skills vs. Spyke vs. A Snake Pit Student (TBC)

Six of UCW’s biggest stars will face off in a six pack elimination match. With a potent mix of high-flying spectacle, technical excellence and all-out tooth and nail brawling, this promises to be a fantasic match, and one that will be remembered for many years to come.

UCW United States Title Match:
Hubert © vs. Raging Bull

UCW United States Champion faces perhaps his toughest challenge yet as champion, when he defends his US Title against the 240 lbs monster Raging Bull. Can the plucky fans’ favourite and all-round ladies man evade the devastating Spear of the Bull?

Main Event:
Three-way dance, falls count anywhere match for the UCW Tag Team Titles:
(Participants may change depending on the outcome of the Title match on the Morning Show)
Dave “F’n” Pritchard & “The Evolution” Kriss Sprules vs. Instinct & Rocco vs. Rad Riley & Damage

The Empire goes into battle as Dave “F’n” Pritchard and his Chief of Security “The Evolution” Kriss Sprules go in search of the UCW Tag Team Gold. Should he retain the belts on the morning show, Instinct has chosen Rocco to be his tag team partner, while Damage will team with long-time friend Rad Riley in an attempt to top a dream debut by winning the Tag Titles not just once, but twice. This match is sure to be a Pier 6 brawl, as falls can take place anywhere in the UK. Is Bowood big enough to old these six men?

Also, a 22-man Royal Rumble match, featuring:
Hubert, Raging Bull, “Marvellous” Mike Bird, Anthrax, Big Taff, Lightning Lewis, Raging Bull, Instinct, Matt Skills, American All-Star, Rocco, Dave “F’n” Pritchard, Lord Alfred Churchill Jnr. the 3rd, “The Evolution” Kriss Sprules, and all of your favourite UCW stars.
Plus full supporting bill.

Card subject to change. Doors open at 9.45 am, Morning Show begins at 10.15, Afternoon show begins at 2.30.

UCW accepts no responsibilty for the line-up of live musical acts on stage. Refreshments and UCW merchandise will be available all day.