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NBWA (wZw Academy) Results 5th September

NBWA (wZw Academy) Results 5th September

Well another very vocal crowd inside the Ray Grey Centre on Daisy Hill, a little more air in the building due to the new windows.

The afternoons exhibition kicked off with a New Breed Academy Title Match.

AJ Anderson def TBK Anthony McIntyre to become the NBWA Champion.

Iceman came out really pi**ed off at his defeat last week, and the fans seemed to agree with him, saying he was screwed of the wZw heavy weight title as the ref did not see spitfire’s feet were on the rope. Iceman demanded a re match against spitfire tonight, Spitfire came to the ring and commissioner Gary Graham explained to Iceman he was beaten fair and square and no re match was going to happen. Iceman sat in the ring on a chair and said he was staying until he got what he wanted. Commissioner and Spitfire came to a compromise and offered Iceman a contenders shot, if Iceman could find a tag partner then he would face spitfire and Ritchie saint in a tag match, he won he would get a title shot on the next wzw show, he lost, he was not getting a title shot for a long time.

GTS def Little Joe E, Peter Davies, STe Adams, Mojo and Pyro in a new match called the GTS line Up, a match where any trainee could take him on, anyone that could pin him got a shot at the NBWA Title.

Juvenile came to the ring shouting his mouth off, and called out Carbon and Super Ted Taylor as they put him brutally through a table the past Sunday at the wZw show in Cramlington. Carbon and Taylor came to the ring and accepted his challenge, they pretty much beat the hell out of Juvenile and pinned him.

Shady Nattrass w/Lexx defeated Iain ‘Xpress’ Robinson, after the ref was distracted and XL Nattrass ran into the ring and beat up Iain allowing Shady to get the win.

Spitfire and Ritchie Saint came to the ring, Iceman was then introduced and he came to the ring area. He had no tag team partner and the commissioner gave him 30 seconds back stage to find a partner or forfeit the match and the title shot. Iceman went back stage and he still had his mic switched on, he was heard asking people and they all said no. Iceman then came to the ring and said he found a tag team partner, to the shock of the Commissioner and Spitfire he introduced Stevie Lynn. Stevie Lynn ended up being pinned as Iceman was brawling outside the ring with Saint. Iceman climbed into the ring and shook Stevies hand and then smashed him one, he beat him to a pulp, AJ Anderson, Iain Robinson and Pyro ran to the ring and tried to attack the Iceman, he beat them down to. He left the ring telling the fans to screw themselves and to a hail of Iceman sucks chants..

All in all a good exhibition, which leaves a few questions in peoples minds. Why was Micky L not wrestling today? Has Iceman snapped? Who will stop the Nattrass Boys?

Images and a music video download will be online within the week, the next NBWA (wZw Academy) Exhibition will take place in 4 weeks time on 3rd October.