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UKPW Results – Holbury – 03/09/04

Press Release

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling at the Waterside Theatre
September 3rd 2004 in Holbury, Southampton – Results

Round Robin Tournament

On September 3rd, UKPW featured it’s very first Round Robin tournament between Chris Wyld, ‘Wrestling’s Cool Kid’ Stevie James, ‘The Idol’ Ian Logan and, making his return from a shoulder injury, Southampton’s very own Marcus ‘The Toad’ Hiscott. Each competitor were to wrestle three matches and the Superstar with the most points at the end of the Round Robin tournament would be declared the winner (win = 2 points, draw = 1 point, loss = 0 points).

Stevie James defeated Chris Wyld by countout

Marcus Hiscott pinned Ian Logan

After the match, Logan offered to shake Hiscott’s hand but then clotheslined him and left the ring as the crowd voiced their dissaproval at his actions. As Marcus left the ring himself, Chris Wyld intercepted him and reinjured Marcus’ shoulder with a vicious pounding at ringside.

Anton Green (replacing the injured Marcus Hiscott) pinned Chris Wyld

Stevie James pinned Ian Logan

Chris Wyld pinned Ian Logan

Stevie James pinned Anton Green

Winner: ‘Wrestling’s Cool Kid’ Stevie James (6 points)

After the match between Anton Green and Stevie James, both men shook hands and were applauded for their efforts. As Green left the ring, he was stopped by Andy Simmonz who also called out Anton’s partner Marcus Hiscott. As Stevie left the ringside area, Simmonz took the microphone and publicly apoligised for the earlier attack of his Towel Boys partner Ian Logan. Simmonz then shook hands with both members of The Green Machine which was met with applause from the crowd. However, Simmonz suddenly attacked Green and Hiscott and, along with Ian Logan, beat them down until Ethan Hayze, Eamon O’Neil and Stevie James rushed to the ring to halt the attack.

Best 2 out of 3 falls match

Ethan Hayze defeated Eamon O’Neil by 2 falls to 1

Main Event

Anton Green pinned Andy Simmonz