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Final WWE Unforgiven card (Contains Spoilers)

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Triple H

For the first time ever one on one, new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will face the leader of his former faction, Triple H.

The Legend Killer has battled through WWE’s biggest names to reach the pinnacle of the sports-entertainment world, but he couldn’t have imagined that he’d be facing The Cerebral Assassin in his first pay-per-view title defense. With the leadership of The Game, the brut force of Batista, the savvy and mystique of Ric Flair and the youth, talent and charisma of Randy Orton, Evolution seemed unstoppable. That was until Orton came between Triple H and “his” World Heavyweight Championship.

The Game is more obsessed than ever with wrestling’s greatest prize, and his intensity is already reaching a fever pitch. Recently on RAW, Triple H addressed the Orton situation with his fellow Evolution members, saying, “Randy Orton is no longer in charge of his destiny. We are.” When Orton defends his title against Triple H at Unforgiven, we’ll find out who really is destined to hold the World Heavyweight Championship.

Intercontinental Championship
Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Edge was on top of the world. After spending a year on the sidelines as a result of a severe neck injury, the charismatic Superstar returned to WWE and quickly captured the Intercontinental Championship. Not long after, however, Edge fell victim to another brutal injury. The unfortunate happening caused Edge to relinquish the Intercontinental Championship, as he was unable to compete within the contracted 30 days required by all champions in WWE.

With the Intercontinental Championship vacant, Eric Bischoff has decided to crown a new champion on pay-per-view at Unforgiven. It will be former Intercontinental Champions Christian and Chris Jericho battling one on one. The match, however, will not be a traditional match, rather it will be a Ladder Match. The decision to make it a Ladder Match came much to Christian’s dismay. The returning Superstar was lobbying hard for a No Countout Match – not quite as dangerous as the Ladder Match.

Nonetheless, these two bitter rivals will square off with the Intercontinental Championship on the line at Unforgiven

World Tag Team Championship
La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri

Since capturing the World Tag Team Championship in May, La Resistance has been a near-impossible team to beat. Since around the same time, however, Rhyno and Tajiri have formed a strong union. Over the past several months, the new duo have worked their way all the way up the ranks and earned a shot at the World Tag Team Championship at Unforgiven. Will the new team continue to roll, en route to capturing the World Tag Team Championship? Or will the experienced team of La Resistance figure a way to hold on to the titles?

Womens Championship
Trish vs. Victoria

Since her arrival in WWE, Victoria has been engaged in a bitter rivalry with Trish Stratus. Originally the sweetheart of WWE, Trish had all the fans behind her. Now that she has turned her back on Chris Jericho and the fans, Victoria looks to be the fan favorite in this one. Can Victoria capture the Women’s Championship at Unforgiven?

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane

It’s been a while since RAW fans have seen Shawn Michaels. In mid-June, the monster Kane beat HBK to a bloody pulp. As a result, Michaels was forced to convalesce his injuries on the sidelines.

All healed, HBK is back and looking for revenge. Luckily for him, Lita, acting on behalf of her new husband, signed a contract for Kane to battle Michaels at Unforgiven. Will HBK get the revenge he is looking for? Or will Kane start his married life off with a win on pay-per-view?

Benoit & Regal vs. Batista & Ric Flair

For months, Chris Benoit and William Regal have been thorns in the side of Evolution. Benoit managed to escape every opportunity Triple H was given to relieve him of the World Heavyweight Championship, and Regal has been fending off Evolution on behalf of his friend Eugene.

Now, Evolution looks to rid WWE of Benoit Regal once and for all. Order Unforgiven, live on pay-per-view, to see if Batista and Ric Flair can turn back the former World Heavyweight Champion and his partner William Regal.