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Details on WWE’s movie project for Kane

Following the success of John Cena’s new movie, well the success in that it now has a title, WWE Films and Lions Gate Pictures have announced that in early 2005 they are planing on producing Eye Scream Man, a horror, starring WWE’s own Glen Jacobs, otherwise known as Kane.

It is to be filmed in Queensland, Australia and executive produced by Vince McMahon. The producer is Joel Simon, directed by Gregory Dark, “SCR” (I guess that means screenplay written by) Dan Madigan and casting is done by Donna Rosenstein so whoever wants to be a star, go bug her. Here’s the official story courtesy of

“The film is about a group of teens from a juvenile corrections facility who are assigned to renovate a dilapidated hotel over the weekend and wind up being terrorized by an insane serial killer who lives there.”