The Three Count

T3C: WWE Unforgiven 2004 Preview

Evolution is history, now it’s time for the warring parties to destroy each other in the ring. A new IC Champ is about to be crowned and a legend is on his way back to WWE, it’s time for WWE Raw’s Unforgiven…


Could Randy Orton’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion be a short one or could perhaps Triple H be left in the cold dreaming of reclaiming the title he believes is his own? Who’ll be crowned the new IC Champion and will Shawn Michaels get a rare victory on a PPV? Time to preview Unforgiven.

World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton v Triple H

Perhaps we should just have the Hell in a Cell match now and get the whole thing done with? That looks like being the inevitable conclusion to this feud and don’t be surprised if Wrestlemania 21 is the venue for that feud decider.

I was surprised when Triple H turned on Orton just a day after he’d won the title. I thought we might see a situation similar to that of Edge and Christian with Triple H supporting Orton while seething with jealousy till finally cracking and attacking the champ. But no, it lasted just a day before Triple H and the remaining two members of Evolution turned on the new champ in dramatic style on Raw. I don’t believe that Orton will lose the title on Sunday, too much work has been done to put him as the youngest ever champion for it to last just one PPV. I wouldn’t be surprised if Benoit or Regal interfered in this match, coz you can bet your bottom dollar that Flair and Batista will. Could the Raw main event at Survivor Series be: Orton/Benoit/Regal/Rhyno/Tajiri v Evolution/La Resistance? Or will Eugene make a miraculous recovery?

Intercontinental Title
Christian v Jericho

Two former champs battle to regain the title. With Edge injured WWE are lucky they have this ready made feud in place. They worked well together earlier in the year and can do so again. Who’s going to win? I think it’s time for Jericho to wear a belt again in WWE and then feud with Christian and of course the returning Edge. Will Trish and Tyson play a part in this match, or perhaps even Edge himself? It should be a good match that’s for sure.

World Tag Team Titles
La Resistance v Rhyno/Tajiri

The tag division continues to struggle and is it right there will be more interest in the Evolution tag match than the title bout? This feud has been ok and you’ve got the inclusion of ‘How shall I be humiliated this week’ Coach. La Resistance have improved of late and I have a feeling they’ll keep the titles tonight against Rhyno (just how did he turn face?) and Tajiri. Bet this is on first!

Women’s Title
Trish v Victoria

The build-up for this hasn’t been spectacular. Just why did Nidia get the match on Raw? Most attention will be on the mysterious ‘woman’ stalking Victoria’s matches and I expect ‘her’ to cost Victoria this match. Could be a decent short match as both can perform in the ring.

Kane v Shawn Michaels

Ah time for another dose of wedded bliss. The crazy storyline continues and with Matt Hardy out of the picture could go on for ages. Just why is Lita being kept out of the ring when all she seems to do is feud with Trish? Will Trish do something to make Lita lose the baby? Knowing the way pregnancy stories go in wrestling, the answer is probably yes. The return of Michaels is welcomed though I’d prefer to see him on Smackdown, he’s running out of feuds on RAW and please keep him away from Triple H. Lita set up this match and I think she’ll cost him the match.

Benoit/Regal v Flair/Batista

This should be a decent tag match but will these teams remain together and try to resurrect the tag division? Probably not. Benoit is out of the title picture now and Regal has never been considered for it. Count the chops time I suppose for Benoit and Flair. I go for Benoit and Regal to get the pin.

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