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FWA News Update And The Fall Out From Hotwired

Welcome to a huge news update here at bringing you all the big stories coming out of last weekend’s FWA Hotwired shows as we begin the road to the biggest FWA show of the year, British Uprising 3 .

And the first major piece of news concerns the third annual British supershow itself.  The date of British Uprising 3 has been confirmed as SATURDAY NOVEMBER 13 2004 .  Once final negotiations are complete, we will be able to exclusively reveal the location of British Uprising 3 in our next update next weekend.



‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams came out of the Hotwired weekend as still the FWA British Heavyweight Champion, despite the attempts of FWA Managing Director ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane to make his life a misery.  First of all, Shane hired American mercenary Joe E Legend as Doug’s mystery opponent at FWA Live in Morecambe the night before Hotwired. Then with the Williams-Legend FWA Title match tied at one fall apiece, Shane attacked the champ to cause Legend to be disqualified and busted The Anarchist wide open.  Shane also stole Doug’s blood-stained championship belt and brought it with him to Broxbourne the following night.

Then during a pre-show meeting at Hotwired, the devious North Londoner finally convinced his fellow management team members – after weeks of wrangling on the subject – that it would be a good idea to book Doug Williams in the Dark Match as a one-off concession to the Dark Match fans.  Although Shane claimed his motives were genuine and sincere, insiders believe Alex wanted Doug in the Dark Match so he could use the fact that Doug was wrestling before the start of Hotwired proper (outside the jurisdiction of FWA Commissioner Flash Barker ) to send him home immediately after the match ended.  It is believed this was an attempt to ensure Williams would not be around to interfere in Alex’s match with Steve Corino .  But if that WAS Shane’s plan, then after a frustrated Anarchist was disqualified in his Dark Match re-match with Joe E Legend and The Showstealer DID send him home, the plan backfired.  Williams returned to help Corino defeat Shane in the main event and in the process, retrieved his FWA British Heavyweight Championship belt.

Under normal circumstances, The Showstealer would be demanding Williams be punished for failing to obey a direct management order because he returned to the arena after being sent home.  However, the FWA Managing Director has been distracted by his own disciplinary case in the aftermath of Hotwired.  An inquiry has already been held into Shane’s outrageous behaviour last Sunday night towards our Hotwired special guest, boxer Danny Williams , and the results are expected to be published in mid-week.  At the disciplinary hearing earlier this week, understands that Shane claimed he only acted the way he did to bring mainstream publicity to the company, using as an example the coverage of the incident this week in The Daily Mirror.   However, we understand there could be major ramifications for the corporate structure of the FWA coming out of this inquiry.  Meanwhile, we understand that Flash Barker has met privately with the Danny Williams camp in an attempt to smooth things over and try to restore good relations between the boxer and the FWA – which are on rocky ground after Shane’s outburst at Hotwired.

FWA Commissioner Flash Barker released the following statement in the aftermath of the surprise return of ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm to an FWA ring at Hotwired:

“On behalf of the FWA management team, I would like to thank Jonny Storm for stepping in at short notice to replace Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton in the match with Colt Cabana at Hotwired last Sunday. I would like to reiterate that as the match was unsanctioned by the FWA, this does not mean Jonny has been reinstated to the FWA roster. However, Jonny’s professionalism last Sunday will be rewarded.”

In contrast, there are two individuals who are not quite so pleased with Jonny Storm. One is Mark Belton himself. Five Star claims the reason he was unable to make it to Broxbourne on Sunday is because his tyres were slashed in a motorway service station car park while he was travelling to the venue. Rumour has it that privately, if not publicly, Belton is accusing Jonny Storm of vehicular sabotage (although there is no evidence that Jonny was involved) and is fuming that he missed the chance for his first ever FWA match against an international opponent.

Meanwhile the man who defeated The Wonderkid in a Loser Leaves FWA Match back in May, James Tighe , is seething at Flash Barker for allowing Storm to wrestle at Hotwired. We understand that Tighe confronted the Commissioner backstage at Broxbourne and gave him a mouthful – saying that allowing Jonny to wrestle, even in an unsanctioned setting, was a slap in the face to Tighe who had built a reputation in the locker room as the man who forced Jonny Storm out of the FWA.

In a related news item, understands that Jonny Storm is claiming he has already received over 10,000 signatures on his Wonderwhirld Tour petition – which was circulated amongst the fans at both the Morecambe Dome and the Broxbourne Civic Hall last weekend. However, we do not believe that Jonny has yet made his petition available for viewing by the FWA management committee, in order for anyone to verify the extent of its success.


With his victory over Simmons at Hotwired, ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan has earned himself and ‘The Shining Light’ Stevie Knight an FWA Tag Team Title shot against Hampton Court at British Uprising 3 and the contracts have been signed. spoke to a dejected Simmons following his defeat in an attempt to find out why The Duke of Danger and Buttercup were unable to be present in his corner at Hotwired.  The beleaguered butler would only mumble something about The Duke being involved in a terrible accident on the morning of Hotwired where his blunderbuss accidentally went off and shot the chauffeur.  Apparently Buttercup still can’t get the bloodstains out of the Axminster carpet….


We at have tried all week to obtain an interview with Nikita , to find out why she did not respond to the taunts of Jane Childs at Hotwired, even though she was sat just feet away while the former ring announcer spewed insults at her.  However, Nikita is refusing to answer any of our calls.  From speaking to sources close to the FWA’s Femme Fatale, we can only ascertain that although Nikita’s doctors had told her to rest her injured neck ever since she suffered two tombstone piledrivers at the hands of Jane Childs’ bounty hunter Sweet Saraya at FWA Carpe Diem, the gorgeous grappler simply cannot stay away from the ring.

Without telling any of the wrestlers or any members of FWA management, she acquired a ticket to Hotwired and watched the event from the audience, refusing to react even when Jane Childs (who was also unaware of Nikita’s presence) began to berate her.  This bizarre behaviour is extremely out-of-character for Nikita, who has certainly had a stressful 2004 when battling all-comers trying to claim the bounty placed on her head and of course, when recovering from her injury. We at will keep a close eye on this developing story.


Competitors in the six-man tag team match at Hotwired have impressed watching members of FWA management, in particular the winning squad of Team Xavier – captain Jack Xavier , Aviv Mayaan and Ross Jordan .  Xavier scored his second consecutive non-title pinfall win over FWA All-England Champion Hade Vansen , following his defeat of ‘The South City Thrilla’ in the round-robin tournament at Enfield, and may be in line for another title shot at Vansen in future (remember, they fought to a double knockout at Vendetta in July). There is speculation this could happen as early as British Uprising 3.

Meanwhile Mayaan and Jordan, along with FWA big show debutant Spud – who put forth a plucky losing effort in his Hotwired match with James Tighe – have earned praise from FWA top brass for their performances last weekend. Insiders have said that this exciting trio could be the next generation of new stars to be pushed to the next level here in the FWA, a bit like James Tighe, Jack Xavier and Raj Ghosh were at this time two years ago.

Flash Barker hit Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert with a massive £5,000 fine in the aftermath of Hotwired, after the self-styled Britain’s Number One Wrestling Journalist orchestrated a bloody and brutal attack on ‘The Hardcore Icon’ Paul Travell by Drew McDonald and gargantuan newcomer Thunder – this after using a contractual loophole to replace the injured Raj Ghosh with ‘The Highlander From Hell’ in a match with Travell, which, because of the ambush and resulting serious internal injuries caused to ‘The Hardcore Icon’ (which hospitalised him for two days afterwards) was officially ruled a no-contest.

The Truth was unrepentant in the following cryptic press statement released to :

“Paul Travell got what he deserved. Not only do I hold him personally responsible for The Family losing the FWA Tag Team Titles but, much worse than that, I hold him responsible for destroying The Family itself. When Travell selfishly turned on a fellow Family member at Vendetta, he compromised the principles of loyalty and togetherness upon which The Family was built. The hole he ripped in the heart of The Family is irreparable. Therefore The Family is now officially dead. But don’t blame Greg Lambert for the death of The Family. Blame Paul Travell.”

Paul Travell, who discharged himself from hospital against doctor’s orders, has vanished from the public eye and at press time, had not replied to Lambert’s comments.

In related news, FWA TV cameras backstage at Hotwired managed to film a verbal confrontation between Lambert and ‘The Twisted Genius’ Dean Ayass , manager of Burchill. Remember, The Truth took out an injunction just prior to Hotwired successfully banning The Monster from the Broxbourne Civic Hall that night. Rumour has it that Ayass had some choice words for his fellow manager and you will be able to see their showdown on an upcoming edition of FWA TV.

….will be right here on on Wednesday when we expect to be able to publish the results of the Alex Shane/Danny Williams disciplinary inquiry. Stay tuned for news on the venue for British Uprising 3 on Saturday November 13, and much, much more.