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UK Scene #138

It has been a busy summer for news and events in the UK Scene but as Goldy and Saracen have done such a good job of keeping you up to date with those I can plough straight back in with the stories making the news this week…

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that’s right the bad penny has returned from his travels in the states right back to his comfortable house and right back in front of the computer. If you haven’t been paying attention or been living under a rock I left in mid June and left the column in the very capable hands of Saracen and Goldy as I vacated the office.

Now before I get back down to business I must give a huge shout out and a very heartfelt thank you to the people who’s work you have been reading whilst I have been away that being of course Saracen and Goldy. Now this got put on to them at the last minute just as I was leaving for the states and they still didn’t hesitate in lending a hand by taking it turns to write this column as well as doing their usual ton of work for the site. They didn’t just write this column they excelled at it as each week they were outdoing each other with brilliant insightful columns which has left me with the challenge to live up to the high standard they have set but I am very thankful to them for the professional way in which they have handled this column.

It has been a busy summer for news and events in the UK Scene but as Goldy and Saracen have done such a good job of keeping you up to date with those I can plough straight back in with the stories making the news this week.

It looks like IPW:UK nearly have everything in place for their big event on September 25th. The planning for this event began before I went away to America and it looks like they have been putting the time to good use as the card for the event nears completion. I have a lot of time for IPW:UK as they are bringing over a well known American star who we haven’t seen before live in the UK but has been wanted by the fans for some time.

Super Dragon though has been confirmed for a while so that’s not any groundbreaking news that you didn’t know before but this week we have found out how he will be used. On the night of the event there will be a 12 man knockout tournament to see who earns the right to face the unlucky 13, Super Dragon. Wrestlers competing in this “True Progression” tournament include Jonny Storm, Spud, Assassin and Darren Burridge to name just a few so it should be one hell of a tournament. To cap all of this off a big name guest will be coming to the event to take the position as guest ring announcer so you could see a celebrity at the event. For more information on how to get tickets go to:

After a quiet year for BRAWL it looks like they will be kicking back in to action in the October / November months as they present a series of shows all in aid of Children in Need. On the 16th of October they will be at Weavers Leisure Centre, Wellingboro, on the 23rd of October they visit the Lodge Park Leisure Centre in Corby. Then moving in to November they make a stop at the Weston Favell Upper School in Northampton on the 20th and then finish the tour off on the 21st at the Hermitage Leisure Centre in Leicestershire.

All proceeds from these shows will go to Children in Need and the stars they have lined up for these shows include: Scott Future, Carl Mizzery, Cameron Knight and MTX just to name a few. Be sure to get yourselves to some of those shows that you can support Children in Need and the UK Wrestling scene.

All Star Wrestling set to be having a quiet month for September as they wind down their summer holiday camp residencies. They will be taking their tour out around the country again in October although at the moment the number of dates is a bit on the small side for All Star tours but that will probably change in the upcoming weeks. Now the reason I mention All Star is that at the moment on their website they are offering fully kitted wrestling rings for sale brand new and 2nd hand with prices starting from £1500 this could be ideal for a new promotion setting up or promotions looking in to buying more rings. The web address you need to enquire further is

It was a big night for WAW last night (11/09) as they presented their 10th anniversary show “The War of 2004.” This card was stacked with talent and excellent matches from top to bottom which included Zebra Kid vs. Paul Tyrell, Jonny Storm vs. Paul Travell and the main event of the Superfly’s vs. Aviv Mayaan and Alex Shane. The event was presented from a fitting venue which has seen a lot of WAW’s defining moments that of course being The Talk in Norwich. I won’t go through the results as you will hopefully see them in Goldy’s excellent section of the TWO newsletter.

I think it is good to have these events to recognise the history and stature of the organisation. Time moves so fast in the UK Scene you need these events to remind you hey it has been ten years since WAW was formed as it still only feels likes yesterday. This gives something for other fledgling promotions to aim for and shows that longevity is possible in today’s throwaway society.

Now I must end this week with the FWA and their constant ability to create attention. When I got back in to the country I picked up a paper to see the story on Alex Shane attacking Danny Williams and once again I have to take my hat off to the guys at FWA and their ability to garner interest. Now no matter how you think they have handled the storyline you have to applaud the FWA for once again getting a story about British wrestling in the national press and I must also give a big shout out to Danny Williams for getting involved at the FWA last weekend and helping to get a story about British wrestling in the national press.

Now it has been a pleasure being back in the hot seat here in the UK Scene offices and am looking forward to another successful year of UK Scene columns. Did I do alright Goldy and Saracen? Was I up to your standards? I hope you all liked it but before I go I must talk about something I like and that’s the Top ten listings Saracen and Kam have set up at Wrestling101. We now invite all UK promotions whether you have had 5 shows or 100 to send in their monthly top 10 roster rankings to Saracen [] and they will be added to Top 10 UK Wrestlers page.

And Finally before I go I must say a big hello to all our new friends at MPW who have now joined the TWO forum family by having their official forum hosted with us. Glad to have you on board guys and I hope you like your new funky forum.

Until next time,

Adam Sibley