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4FW "The Saviour Cometh" – Sept 25th 2004, Pinehurst Community Centre, Swindon

4FW “The Saviour Cometh” – Sept 25th 2004, Pinehurst Community Centre, Swindon

4FW Championship Match
“The Wrestling Sensation” Ashton Brown vs. To Be Decided In Battle Royal

Singapore Cane/Steel Chair Stairway To Hell Match
Gideon vs. Exodus w/Bubbles

Three Way Dance
The Mailman vs. Dean Christ vs. Van Wicked

Women’s Three Way ‘Disputed Finish’ Rematch
Justine vs. Athena Gold vs. Bubbles

Tag-Team Rematch
David Sharp and Rampage vs. Chaos (Gino and Vyrus)

Special Challenge Match
Ruff Ryder vs. Inferno

Handicap Match
The Saint and Lamia vs. Stu Odyssey

FCW Guest Tag-Team Match
“Tomcat” Kevin O’Neil & “Mr Bad Attitude” Saul Adams vs. British Born Steel & The Bouncer

10-Man Battle Royal To Decide #1 Contendor For 4FW Title Match Later
The Mailman vs. Exodus vs. Gideon vs. Stu Odyssey vs. David Sharp vs. Rampage vs. Vyrus vs. Gino vs. Dean Christ vs. Ruff Ryder

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