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IWF In Newcastle This Saturday, 18th September

IWF In Newcastle -Saturday, 18th September

IWF Press Release

The IWF are promoting a card at West Denton Social Club, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on Saturday 18th October.  Show starts at 6:30 and tickets cost £5.

IWF Champion ASSASSIN is scheduled to appear, but his opponent is, as yet, unknown.  It is rumoured that his best friend JIMMY BLADE has been offered a title shot but, out of loyalty to the champ, has turned it down. However, IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO has stated that Assassin will defend his title at West Denton and there are those who feel that Blade would love to test his skills against the best that the IWF has to offer.

Through no fault of his own, BOBBY JACKSON has been stripped of his IWF Tag Team Championship due to an injury suffered by his partner HOT ED.  This has meant that they could not defend the belts within the mandatory time limit.  To make up for this disappointment, IWF management has granted him a non-title match against Ring Of Faith Champion WEAPON X.  Should Jackson win, he would be next in line for a shot at the title.

It has been rumoured that former IWF Tag Team Champions THE AVERY BROTHERS are set to re-unite.  SHAUN AVERY is said to be keen on persuading YOUNGSTA to reform their team, but Youngsta is thought to be wary as Shaun has turned on him in the past.  Youngsta has asked for more time to think the offer over and has asked that they be booked as singles competitors in West Denton.

At IWF’s Show March show in West Denton, ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS began a winning street that took him close to winning the IWF Championship.  As of late, despite putting in some excellent performances, he has found wins hard to come by.  He is hoping that a return to West Denton will allow him to rediscover that extra 1% he feels is missing from his game as he attempts to climb the ladder back to another title shot.

I recently received a phone call from a confident LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON in which he explained that, after reaching the semi-finals of July’s ‘Tournament of Faith’, he now feels that his time has come.  He has been thought of as a possible future IWF Champion ever since debuting in the company and this dangerous joint submission specialist has promised victory in West Denton whichever opponent IWF management to put in his way.

These are strange times for the members of the KYLE COUNCIL.  HARRY PAIN and CHRIS PRIME have asked LEE KYLE for a short break from the group as they claim to have been promised a ‘great opportunity’ by IWF management should they do so.  Whether or not this is a chance to win the newly vacant Tag Team titles is not known.  What is known, however, is that Lee Kyle is far from keen on the idea.  Despite this he has allowed them a one-show break from the group as they attempt to find ou! t if the grass really is greener on the other side.  Sources close to Kyle have stated that he fears for the future of the group, fearing that it could go the same way as his former group ‘The Lee Kyle Experience’, which split in February.

After July’s Ladies Night event, ‘THE ANGEL’ SHARNA O’NEILL and COURTNEY SYNN have come to the conclusion that they have more chance of taking the IWF Women’s Championship away from EMMA ‘PHOENIX’ ANDERSON if they work together rather than apart.  As a result they have challenged Phoenix to find a partner to face them in West Denton.  Phoenix has indicated that she will spend the next few days attempting to find a team-mate and that, even should this prove impossible, she will still be in West Denton to face whatever O’Neill and Synn can throw at her.

IWF referees JONNY and JACKY NORMAL this week demanded showdown talks with IWF owner Eric Scarboro.  They are said to have demanded a tag team match on the next show.  After mulling over their request, Scarboro refused, saying that, while they are showing great progress as a team, they are still a short distance away from being able to compete at the level of the cream of the IWF roster.  The Normal’s have reluctantly agreed to referee at West Denton.

The traditional IWF Junior Academy showcase match will certainly be an odd spectacle as the strange BOOGIE KNIGHTS goes up against the even stranger KAMALA’S number1 FAN.