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Eugene and Regal talk about Taboo Tuesday

Yesterday the Fox affiliate in Milwaukee was hyping the appearance of some “WWE Superstars” on their morning newsmagazine. William Regal and Eugene were on the show to promote the Taboo Tuesday PPV from Milwaukee.


Regal was dressed in a black leisure suit, and while Eugene had on dress pants, he had his trademark white jacket. Eugene’s arm was in a sling. When introduced, Eugene did the smile and wave. The host, Mark Concannon made a reference to, and copied Eugene’s wave.


The host said at the opening, “Wrestling fans will be given the chance to decide who will be in the main match, who’s gonna be in that steel cage?”


Regal said, “This is the first time that the fans get to vote on exactly who they want to wrestle, and how they want them to wrestle. Log on to It’s like an interactive PPV, which is going to be something we’ve never tried before. So all the fans that sit at home and say ‘I wish I could see that,’ this is their night to do it.”


The host turned to Eugene and asked, “Eugene, are the fans going to vote foryou?”


While somewhat in character, Eugene’s response was subdued and not overly “Special.” He said, “I really hope so. I want to be in a match that night. Hopefully a very exciting match.


The host asked “Why is it ‘Taboo Tuesday’?”


Regal replied, “Because it… it can be anything. Anything that the fans want that we can’t usually do, they’re allowed to do it. You know, it’s just for them. Whatever they wish, that’s what we have to do for them.”


The host asked if they would be pumped for the show and as video of Eugene exchanging blows with Triple H he replied, “Yes, I’m pumped for every show, but for Milwaukee I’m very excited. October the 19, I’m very excited for that. It’s a Tuesday.”


The video was still playing, and Regal said quietly and as Eugene was talking about his excitement, what sounded like “Don’t touch me…” Eugene said he was sorry as the host laughed and then asked, “Do you guys get along pretty well, or do we have someone here to separate you?”


Regal said, “Yes, we do” to the first question.


Eugene elaborated, “He’s my mentor. My hero.”


The host acknowledged that it was a “Karate Kid” sort of thing.


Regal asserted, “And you can tell I’m doing a wonderful job.”


The host asked, “What happened to your arm Eugene?”


“I got beat up by Triple H. He’s the World Champion right now. He slammed my door… my arm, Ya, my door… my arm in a steel cage door. It was a steel cage match. I don’t want to be in another steel cage match any time soon.”


Regal said, “So all you fans vote Eugene to be in another steel cage match.”


Eugene turned to Regal and sort of sniffled as the host suggested Eugene was getting a complex about steel cage matches. Regal said, “Ya, he doesn’t like it.”


The host continued, “You guys really work for this. I mean, in addition to being in great shape, you’re all over the place, 200 some days a year.”


Regal replied, “250-odd days a year. In all countries. We’re off to England and Finland and Germany in two weeks, and then Japan and Australia… It just never stops.” He continued, “I think we’re on in 149 countries, nearly 50 different languages a week, seen by half a billion viewers.”


The host plugged the PPV and said his goodbyes. He told Eugene to “Stay away from those cages, buddy.”


The segment was somewhat subdued, with both men using more “normal” voicing, rather than their “wrestling” voices. The teased heat between them was light and humourous. While I’m not sure now if the fans are choosing only who will be in a main event steel cage, or if they will choose all the matches, I give more credence to Regal than the host. I am inclined to the latter optiion.