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Outsiders making a return in TNA?

Various sources have reported that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are in talks for an appearance on the upcoming three-hour NWA-TNA PPV. They would almost definitely appear in tag team format, bringing back the “Outsiders” tag team.

However, a new Newsletter report claims that Sean “X-Pac” Waltman may also debut with the twosome, to form some sort of Outsiders/nWo-type faction. It is not known if they will actually work a match at the PPV, or just make their debut.

Jeff Jarrett is said to be reluctant about bringing Hall and Nash into TNA due to their reputation, but knows they may be able to provide the much-needed boost to TNA’s interest-level.

At this point, Hall and Nash are considered very likely to appear, while X-Pac is only a possibility.