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D’Lo Brown To BCW!

B.C.W. are proud to announce that in association with W.Z.W on the 1st of November 2004 British Championship Wrestling will bring to the Grand Hall, Kilmarnock the American wrestling superstar D’lo Brown!!!!

This will be the first time that the former WWE champion D’lo Brown has stepped foot in a BCW ring, and there is a line up of British superstars asking to get their chance at taking the former WWE champion down. To say that British Championship Wrestling has been inundated with requests is an understatement, it would appear that the chance to take on D’lo is something that every major British wrestler wants to do.

D’lo Brown is well known for not hiding and has given BCW permission to put him up against anyone that they see fit.

Running high in the ratings are the monster Sabotage, The Shining Light Stevie Knight and Doug Williams.

Just who will BCW put up against this superstar on his first outing for BCW?

Added to this, the return of BCW to Kilmarnock will include a top line up of British wrestling stars from W.Z.W