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IWF in Newcastle, 18th Sept 2004

IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO came to the ring and introduced members of the IWF roster to the fans, however IWF Champion ASSASSIN soon interrupted him.  Scarboro pointed out that Assassin appeared to be outnumbered until HARRY PAIN, CHRIS PRIME and WEAPON X turned on their fellow fan favourites to join with the devious champion.

LEE KYLE then took advantage of the absence of Eric Scarboro (Who had been forced to return backstage to make some new matches after Assassin poached some of his talent.) to take the microphone and introduce his new segment ‘Lee Kyle’s Mailbag… From Beyond the Grave.’  The segment consisted of Kyle reading out a selection of letters supposedly from dead celebrities, why?  I have no idea.  Soon, Lee struck upon the idea of himself and Harry Pain challenging for the vacant Tag Team straps.  As a result, he announced their ‘qualifying opponents’ BOOGIE KNIGHTS and KAMALA’S #1 FAN.

The Lee Kyle Experience (Lee Kyle and Harry Pain) v Boogie Knights and Kamala’s #1 fan.

Kyle appeared to have picked the easiest opponents for himself and his partner but looks can be deceptive as Kamala’s #1 fan and Boogie Knights (dressed as The Godfather, and calling himself The Boogfather) gave them a much sterner test than anticipated and actually showed signs that they could make quite a formidable tag team.  In the end though, experience told and, after their opponents went for one cheap laugh too many, Kyle and Pain snapped and demolished them with a series of devastating moves, before making both opponents tap simultaneously with their patented holds, The Hall of Pain (Texas Cloverleaf) and The Mamba Choke.

Winners – The Lee Kyle Experience


RD Wood (Champion) v Max Heat v ‘Deckham Radgy’ Paul Dalby

Hometown favourite RD Wood took on two of the top competitors in the IWF Junior Academy in a stunning match that suggested that these three youngsters have a huge role to play in the future of the company.  All three showcased some fine reversals until Dalby came close to victory with his ‘Radgy Star Press’.  As ever, Heat was ultra-confident and almost sealed victory himself with a vicious Liger Bomb, However, the table soon turned and Heat, who had allowed over-confidence to turn into arrogance, was pinned by the champion after a suplex/Rock Bottom combo.

Winner – RD Wood

Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v Youngsta

The vicious Atkinson went into this match with a plan to ground his much taller opponent in an attempt to negate the power advantage of Youngsta.  Player dominated much of the match, alternating between working the neck and left wrist of his opponent in an attempt to force a tap-out.  To his dismay, Atkinson realised that Youngsta has some fine mat wrestling skills of his own and soon resorted to peppering him with vicious strikes.  Youngsta managed to take this very painful offence and unleash some devastating power moves.  Despite kicking out of Youngsta’s ‘Deckham Bomb’ (Seated Rock Bottom) and Blue Thunder Driver, Player finally fel! l victim to a TKO, making Youngsta the winner of this incredibly close run bout.

Winner – Youngsta


Weapon X v Bobby Jackson

This match had already been declared a non-title match but Eric Scarboro must have been wishing that he could put Weapon X’s Ring of Faith title on the line, especially after X turned on him at the beginning of the show.  Instead, Bobby Jackson set out to prove that he was worthy of a title shot.  Weapon X, used his trademark high impact brawling style to dominate large portions of the match, but like many wrestlers before him, he found Jackson to be incredibly resilient.  Even his trusty ‘Seek and Destroy’ Spear could not get the job done.  After taking intolerable amounts of abuse, Jackson found one last burst of energy to beat the Ch! ampion with a stunning Top-Rope German Suplex. 

 Winner – Bobby Jackson


Referee’s JONNY and JACKY NORMAL complained to Eric Scarboro that they had not been treated with the respect that their position deserved and threatened to quit if they were not given a match.  A clearly annoyed Scarboro then introduced their opponent.  To an enormous ovation, out came ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters (w/Paul Dalby) v Jonny and Jackie Normal

The Normals surprised a lot of people by dominating Masters for long periods but it always seemed as though the Bad Boy had enough in reserve to beat the referees.  Jonny and Jacky came close to victory on one occasion but Masters managed to kick out of the ‘Norm Fury’ double Powerbomb.  Masters spent much of this match blistering the chests of his talented but overmatched opponents with some absolutely brutal chops and, in the end, pinned Jackie after a Masterclass (Reverse DDT/Elbow Drop).

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

After the match, Lee Kyle, Harry Pain and Chris Prime attacked Jed and Paul Dalby, seemingly because Masters was asked to partake in next weeks IPW tournament in Kent rather than Kyle.  Kyle then informed the Bad Boy to expect bad things to happen when the IWF return to Gateshead on October 2nd.  At this point, Jed’s D-Unit team mate Shaun Avery came to the ring and demanded a match with Chris Prime.

Chris Prime (w/Lee Kyle & Harry Pain) v Shaun Avery (w/Jed Masters & Paul Dalby)

The talented aerial star Prime showed signs of living up to his incredible potential by going toe-to-toe with the more experienced Shaun Avery.  Prime seemed to be developing some submission skills to round out his spectacular offence, but still took to the skies, most notably when he nailed Avery with a stunning ‘Prime Time’ Shooting Star Press from the apron to the outside.  In the end though, Avery proved victorious, after hitting two Shaun-ing Wizards, Shaun almost decapitated Prime with a lariat for the three.

Winner – Shaun Avery

Eric Scarboro returned to ringside and announced the new main event.  Assassin would wrestle his best friend JIMMY BLADE.  Seeing the smug look on the face of Assassin, Scarboro declared that, should Jimmy Blade simply lie down and allow Assassin to pin, Assassin will be stripped of the IWF Championship.  The Champion was not amused.


Assassin v Jimmy Blade (w/Courtney Synn)

Assassin showed the ruthless streak that has made him IWF Champion since last October when he took the offence straight to Blade, who seemed hesitant to attack his friend.  Blade soon realised that he was a victory away from becoming IWF Champion, and drilled his opponent with the Blade Cutter.  Sadly, for the big man, he was to hurt to capitalise, allowing Assassin to hit a Tornado Contract (Flatliner).  To the Champions surprise, Blade rolled his shoulder just before three, and Assassin was left to think of a new way to gain victory.  This was achieved when, with the referee down, the champion hit his best friend with a low-blow to re! tain his belt.

 Winner – Assassin

To the dismay, of Eric Scarboro, Assassin and Blade shook hands after the match.  It would seem that they are still a strong unit and that Scarboro will have to think of another plan if he wants to take the title away from the current holder.