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"Wildcat" Robbie Brookside At London Training This Sunday!

Press Release

“Wildcat” Robbie Brookside At London Training This Sunday!

This Sunday’s London training session is to be taken by “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside.

Brookside was recently announced to be a new trainer at the centre, and his many years of experience is sure to be beneficial to ANYONE wanting to become a professional wrestler.

Robbie Brookside is one of the most highly regarded wrestlers in Great Britain, with an experience lasting over twenty years, which has seen him wrestle thousands of times around the UK, as well as multiple tours overseas in Germany, Japan, USA and numerous other countries, against many of the top stars of professional wrestling. Throughout the Eighties, Brookside was part of a tag team with fellow British wrestler Steve Regal (later WWE’s William Regal), whilst wrestling against the likes of Kendo Nagasaki, Johnny Saint, “Rollerball” Mark Rocco, Dave “Fit” Finlay, Giant Haystacks and many more. In 1997, Robbie Brookside managed to defeat current top WWE superstar Chris Jericho in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and has since returned to Japan on several extended tours.

British pride and style is something that Brookside feels strongly about, always campaigning about the quality of British wrestling, compared to that which is seen elsewhere, which will reflect in his training style, as he teaches groups of trainees, looking to break into professional wrestling.

“Wildcat” Robbie Brookside has also been entered in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament in RBW, where his qualifier match sees him against Soho’s J.C Thunder in Hitchin, Hertfordshire on Saturday 23rd October. More information about “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside can be found at .

The addition of Brookside to the trainers at the RBW London Training Centre, means that you can receive the very best in wrestling tuition, with a combined trainer experience lasting well over sixty years! Other trainers at the centre include top technical wrestling star Johnny Kidd, British Middleweight Champion “Misfit” Jorge Castano, former British Welterweight Champion Sammy Ray and also Mark Shaman and Ashe from The New Breed are the assistant trainers. There are also a number of regular special guest wrestlers such as “The Gift” Ross Jordan, J.C Thunder, Stixx, Chris Wyld, Spud and “Sadistic” Jack Storm.

Training Details

Venue: London Martial Arts Centre, 71 Lancaster Road, Enfield, EN2 0DW. Directions can be found on the Revolution British Wrestling Training Site.

Days & Times – Sunday 11am till 1pm – Regular Session (All Welcome).
Sunday 1pm till 3pm – Advanced Session (if it’s your first time training with RBW, please attend the Regular session).

Trainers – ‘Wildcat’ Robbie Brookside, Johnny Kidd, Sammy Ray, “Misfit” Jorge Castano, Ashe and Mark Shaman (and frequent special guests)

Prices-  Regular Session: For adults the price is £7 and for children it is £5

Advanced Session – For Adults the price is £7 and for children it is £5

If adults do both sessions they get £2 off!

Age Limits – Any age above eight years old. All other ages welcome.

Yearly Insurance – £8 for Over 16s and £5 for Under 16s (required at first session).Private Training – Available Sunday afternoons and Saturday evenings at £20 per hour. Price varies between £10 and £20 p/hour. Please e-mail for more information.

Centre – The centre is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment within two martial arts dojo rooms.

For more information, please visit