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The Lilsboys speak exclusively to Kurt Angle

THIS week The LilsBoys – the online wrestling columnists for Britain’s best-selling Sun newspaper – grabbed a world exclusive interview with Olympic gold medallist and four-time WWE champion Kurt Angle.

The full chat can be read at

Here are some of the highlights:

On being the best: “Honestly, when I’m healthy, I believe I’m the best in the world… when it comes down to it I don’t think anybody has as much technique, credibility and charisma as I do – I have the whole package”

On changing style: “Guys like Eddie Guerrero and myself are starting to bring the wrestling back into entertainment, so you’re seeing a lot more real moves and holds. We got to a point in the WWE where everything was a high spot and everything was a finish. That style doesn’t tell the fans a good story.”

On being Smackdown GM: “I know Vince McMahon wanted to keep me on TV – as I have a strong character – but there was not one thing I enjoyed about being general manager of Smackdown.”

On WrestleMania 21 – “At an event like WrestleMania it should be the two biggest names going at it. And right now the two people on the top of their games are me and The Undertaker, so I’d like to face him and he feels the same way.”

On Brock Lesnar – “It hurt when Brock left as we were best friends and, at that point, we were also carrying the company… However I also wanted Brock to be happy and he wasn’t. But I think one day he’ll remember that old saying – “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”.

Kurt also chatted about his classic matches with Chris Benoit, real life competition with Eddie Guerrero and why Smackdown is getting better than Raw – so check out the full chat now.