Future-Shock By Scott Future

Future-Shock #22

Welcome to another Future-Shock: Find out what I have been doing in recent weeks, plus whom did a certain wrestling promoter want to team me up with?

Welcome to another Future-Shock: Find out what I have been doing in recent weeks, plus whom did a certain wrestling promoter want to team me up with?

It seems that quite often I take the time to talk about what I like, and don’t like from a UK wrestlers perspective, looking at the wrestling scene, but quite often I neglect to mention what’s going on in the life of the writer – that being me.

Before that though, I wanted to give credit, where credit is due, to Alex Shane and the FWA for the publicity generated by setting up the recent Tyson’esque stunt involving Danny Williams. If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I have implored wrestling companies in the UK for months to generate a publicity friendly situation. The “Gay Boy” remark aside, this was a great boost for British Wrestling, but for it to work long term it does need to be followed up correctly.

I wish FWA the best of luck. Believe it or not a wrestling promoter once wanted to team myself with Alex Shane to face the Road Warriors. I don’t think either of us was particularly keen on the idea because of the different persona’s we had at the time. (Note: not that I wouldn’t have found it an honour to wrestle the “L.O.D.”) Later I received a call from Alex to go to the FWA and use the “Mr William” persona down there. I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea and didn’t think it was appropriate at that time, so nothing ever came of it. That aside, I’ve always had respect for Alex’s drive in the wrestling business, and I can’t think of anyone who has made a bigger contribution to the promotions side of the UK wrestling scene in the last 5 years or so. I don’t have time to keep up with the FWA so I’m hoping for some more mainstream publicity to keep me in touch with what’s going on down there, but I give a big thumbs up to anyone in wrestling who gets tabloid coverage, for the right reasons.

I’ve also been generating some heat of my own on the UK independent scene. Recently I had an opportunity to work with the guys at UWL on their Acts of Aggression show, which took place in Northampton. The show itself was excellently set up, with a ramp, video wall, and lighting. The fans were treated to music videos of the wrestlers, and I had the opportunity to work with a young rookie by the name of Shabazz. We almost literally ripped the house down on that one, with one of the highlights being myself picking Shabazz up and throwing him head first into the bulls-eye spot on a dart board – to the chant of ‘genius’ from an appreciative crowd. My ethos of working quality shows for quality people has revived my faith and love for pro wrestling.

As some may be aware, away from pro wrestling, I’ve been dabbling in MMA training, and take weights and gym work very seriously. I’m in the best shape of my 25 year-old life, and at 6 foot 4 inches, now weigh in at around 225lbs. I can’t think of many people my size that can execute a flying head-scissors lucha-style!

I spoke with UWL again recently and will make 2 appearances for them in the month of October. I’m also enthusiastically committed to being a part of the next show for NCW in the month of October, in Reading.

More on the UWL and NCW in the next Future-Shock, and more gems of previously unreleased wrestling stories by this writer!

Scott Future