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Colt Cabana Appearing At IPW:UKs Extreme Measures Plus Final Card

Colt Cabana Appearing At IPW:UKs Extreme Measures Plus Final Card


Tonight (September 25th, 2004) for the first time ever Super Dragon invades the United Kingdom, ready to take on one of the top British talents one on one in what is promising to be one of the hardest hitting bouts that England has ever had the privilege to see.

We can now announce that the guest MC for tonight’s event it none other than the American Ring of Honor star that is… COLT CABANA.

Making his debut in Kent, and his England debut as an MC, Colt is looking to come and entertain en masse.

So the card for tonight therefore stands at:

True Progression Tournament Final
IRON FIST Match: Super Dragon vs. Tournament Finalist
–Super Dragon making his UK debut in this British first ever, an Iron Fist match. Not much is know about Dragon’s chosen stipulation, but we do know it has a 30 minute time limit and is fought under Iron Man rules.

True Progression Semi Final
No Rules Gauntlet Match: Winners of the first round matches.
–No disqualification, no count out, a fight to the finish.

True Progression Round #1 Matches:
(-) Stevie Knight vs ????

(-) Assassin vs Shaun Avery

(-) ‘The Badboy’ Jed Masters vs. Spud

(-) The Darren Burridge Open Invitational

(-) Ricky Knight vs ????

(-) Jonny Storm vs Rob Hunter

Tickets can be purchased at the door. £15 for second row, and £10 for everywhere else. Merchandise will be available at the event.