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NWA (UK) Hammerlock, October Tour News

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NWA (UK) Hammerlock, October Tour News

Beware he’s on the way back to the UK. S.O.A, Son of Abdullah, Spirit of Allah, Dru Onyx or whatever you prefer to know him by is to be appearing every night of the up-coming October tour, he successfully toured with Hammerlock in the UK last year as well as a whistle stop tour in Ireland this year.

After competing in this years NWA Anniversary show in Winnipeg, Canada he will fly direct to the UK ready to create more mayhem and apparently if the rumours are anything to go by he will be making a serious attempt to obtain the NWA UK Heavyweight Championship and Belt, more info as we get it.

Look out the invasion has begun Jack Thriller a five year vet with extreme knowledge of the mat game but don’t let his precision on the mat fool you his aerial offence is rivalled by few! his partner, rival and colleague the specialist CJ Otis this two year rookie sensation has blown up in the US Midwest! he has been in several high profile matches and he is one of eight to be chosen from the Midwest to be in Dan Seven’s price of glory tournament. He will be in this tourney with the likes of Jimmy Jacons, Sharkboy, Jack Thriller, Johnny Dynamo, Gutter Conrad Kennedy the 3rd, and Bam. What started out as an intense rivalry that spanned across the entire Midwest later turned into mutual respect for each other and when they team they are a cohesive unit not only are these two ring generals skilled in several forms of wrestling but their trainer, Dan Severn has taught them his art form known as compression submission wrestling. the sweet science is all these two titans live for.

Jack and CJ are purist dream come true! Not only have they won tag team titles and accolades against the likes of the alpha male Monty Brown, Dan The Beast Severn, Sharkboy, Joey Legend, and Jimmy Jacobs to name a few. These two men have also competed against each other several times across the Midwest not only do these guys compliment each other in and out of the ring they are hoping to have the same level of accomplishments in the United Kingdom that they have had in the United States. They are will be appearing for NWA UK Hammerlock during the last leg of the October tour.

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