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FWA News Update

FWA News Update

Alex Shane stormed into a board meeting of the FWA management team, headed by acting Managing Director Elisar Cabrera and also including FWA Commissioner Flash Barker , and instead of moaning about his demotion, The Showstealer demanded to know who they had chosen as the number one contender for the main event of British Uprising 3. When it became apparent that the opponent for FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams had not yet been determined, Shane reportedly put his cards on the table. Alex made an offer that if the board would sign him to a special one-fall, winner takes all title match at British Uprising 3 against Doug, he would in return agree to face Danny Williams in a boxer v wrestler match at a later date – but only if The Anarchist can beat him on Saturday November 13. Sources say that after angrily eyeballing Flash Barker, Shane then left the boardroom without saying another word.

Taken aback by The Showstealer’s actions, the FWA board set a date for another meeting to deliberate his offer. Word has it that Flash Barker is strongly in favour of a Williams v Shane FWA British Heavyweight Title match at Uprising for two reasons. Firstly, Barker is convinced his best friend Doug Williams has Alex Shane’s number. Secondly, he wants Danny Williams to get the chance to pulverise Shane – remember, it was Flash who invited the boxer to FWA Hotwired and was furious when Alex’s disgraceful actions caused Danny to leave the building and led to embarrassing press for the FWA. also understands that Danny Williams, who will soon embark on training for his upcoming World Heavyweight Title fight, is also strongly in favour of the match because he is itching to get his hands on Shane as revenge for what happened at Hotwired. However, Elisar Cabrera, Justin Richards and other FWA bosses remain to be convinced of Shane’s worthiness as a challenger for the big belt at Uprising following his recent loss to Steve Corino .

This powderkeg situation can only become more heated over the next few days and we at will bring you the decision on the Williams-Shane-Williams situation as soon as news breaks.

At the meeting yesterday morning, the board watched an advance viewing of this week’s FWA TV episode and in particular the match from Vendetta between Hade Vansen and Jack Xavier . After being mightily impressed by this tremendous, if inconclusive match, the management team voted unanimously to sign an All-England Title rematch between ‘The South City Thrilla’ and ‘The Brummie Bad Boy’ for FWA British Uprising 3.

This time, there will be an added stipulation. As the Vendetta match ended in a double countout, although Xavier was just inches away from hauling himself up to beat the count of 10, their battle at Uprising will be fought under Last Man Standing rules. This time there will be a clear winner and Jack, who holds two recent pinfall victories over the cocky champion, is said to be chomping at the bit and counting the days before he enters the Coventry SkyDome. Hade on the other hand is said to be unhappy at the stipulation and privately blaming his old nemesis Flash Barker for ‘influencing’ the board’s decision.

Even so, Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier, Last Man Standing with the All-England Title on the line, joins James Tighe v AJ Styles (30 Minute Iron Man Match) and Hampton Court v Mark Sloan and Stevie Knight (FWA Tag Team Title Match) as the card for FWA British Uprising 3 begins to take shape.

Look out for more matches to be announced in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget you can see repeat showings of this week’s FWA TV episode, featuring Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier and the memorable FWA Tag Team Title match between The Family and Hampton Court, on Sunday at 9am, Tuesday at 8pm and Thursday at 8pm only on The Wrestling Channel.

This week’s brand new episode on Friday (October 1) at 9pm will feature matches taped at the Morecambe Dome on July 31 – including James Tighe v Ross Jordan , Alex Shane v Damon Leigh and Doug Williams v Aviv Mayaan . Check out TWC (on Sky Digital, channel 427) for more.

So how do you get to the Coventry SkyDome? Here is a bit of help…

The SkyDome Arena is on Croft Road, just off the main Ringway Road that circles Coventry city centre and is easily accessible from all motorways because after all, all roads lead to Uprising! Log on to the SkyDome website and click on ‘Coventry’ to find a map of the surrounding area to the SkyDome. There is also a Hotel Finder option on the website that may help anyone needing overnight accommodation.

Coventry Railway Station is half a mile south of the SkyDome so is a short taxi ride away and also within walking distance.

The FWA has signed over the contract for the fans’ bus trip to British Uprising to Sanjay Bagga. There has already been huge interest so anyone wanting further information should please contact Sanjay on for details.


After a recent fan poll conducted on the Official FWA UK Fan Forum, it has been decided that FWA Online Radio will return in the not to distant future, The Online Radio team of “Hardcore” John Atkins and Andrew Maddock are hard at work at the flat coming up with ideas on who should be the next in “Studio/Flat” guest.

Already confirmed for the comeback episode are exclusive interviews with FWA Radio superfan Steve Corino and Bagpipe Report on TWC Present Blake Norton!

The lads at FWA Online radio would also like to pass on their thanks to everyone that voted for them to stay in the poll and also for their comments on the show.

….go on sale to FWA Fan Club members on Monday October 4 and to everyone else on Tuesday October 5. Remember, FWA British Uprising 3 takes place at Coventry SkyDome on Saturday November 13 2004.

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