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FCW Endurance 2004 Review

Hey everyone, this started out as just being a regular post about last Sundays FCW ‘Endurance’ show, but as I started posting and typing away I realized that I’d rambled on enough to make this into a show review! Plus, as I haven’t reviewed a show in a good while I decided now would be as good a time as any to finally do some work!

FCW Endurance – “Enter The Dragon”
Sunday September 26th 2004

Hey everyone, this started out as just being a regular post about last Sundays FCW ‘Endurance’ show, but as I started posting and typing away I realized that I’d rambled on enough to make this into a show review! Plus, as I haven’t reviewed a show in a good while I decided now would be as good a time as any to finally do some work!

Add this to the fact that I’m a huge FCW mark and this federation really are going places! If any of you ever get the opportunity to watch FCW I would strongly advise you go along, it’s not just a good nights wrestling action, which of course it is, it’s also great fun and the people and workers are all lovely, all this for just a fiver’s entrance fee, you seriously can’t go wrong.

Rob Huntaaaaaaaaaar kicked off the evenings entertainment, looking pretty buff I must say, he started berating the crowd and then, deciding he wouldn’t put his title on the line against Super Dragon tonight, But if Dragon could get the win and Laken Xander gets the victory in his match later on then Laken Xander would get the title shot at Haden Hill, this Saturday (October 2nd 2004) choosing whichever stipulation he wants. Rob would live to regret this!

The Judge was Hunter’s chosen opponent for Xander, in a good match that saw Hunter and his valet, Innocence, trying to interfere on the Judges behalf at any given opportunity, but thankfully Xander picked up the win.

Up next was the tag team of Devils Advocate against the team of Spud and Morales! Now if Spud didn’t legitimately injure his arm in this match then he is THE best seller around! Because I was dead concerned for the wee chap!!

Spud sold the injured arm very well, Devils Advocate took advantage of this and basically geared all their moves to inflict more pain onto the arm, Saul Adams even at one stage hitting it with a chair! Spud did well to continue, performing most of his aerial moves with one arm behind his back!

Devils Advocate got the win, which didn’t best please Morales who decided to blame Spud for the defeat, turning heel on him hitting him with a Tiger Bomb, leaving poor Spud a wreck in the middle of the ring, evil Morales! Great match though.

Up next was the FCW debut of Danny Devine, who impressed me a lot when I last watched him wrestle for K-Star. His opponent, 4Plays, A-Star Athlete! The main thing I remember about this match was A-Star landing “accidentally” in Ralphys (who was sitting in the audience) lap, or crotch even, hehe, I’m still laughing about that! The usual “A-Star Sucks” chant was then quickly replaced by “A-Star Sucks….. Ralphy!! This was a good technical match though with Devine showing us what he could do and fitting in well with the FCW style. A-Star Athlete eventually got the pin. Fun stuff.

Next came the match I’d been waiting for! COLT CABANA, or Colt Banana as Kev called him, against ‘Tomcat’ Kev O Neil. Colt came in, grabbed the mic and basically won over everyone instantly with his humour and his abundance of charisma! The guy’s amazing.

I was fortunate to be able to help Colt out in this match by rubbing his fingers better after Kev stamped on them, and then doing the same with his head (don’t be filthy! ) course you know where this is leading! After a low blow to O’Neil, he also decided he wanted rubbing better….. needless to say there wasn’t any takers….can’t think why? Hehe.

Colt Cabana got the popular victory, then stayed around during the interval, having Polaroids taken with the fans in the ring, including myself, before doing the raffle! Who needs the Stockport/Enfield raffles when you have Colt Cabana doing your raffle! (Sorry Bagga!)

Just a quick note about the raffle, Ralphy’s number was called out and he let a little lad choose and keep the prize, awww, what a nice guy!

After the interval we had Marc Hogan accompanied by the gorgeous or ‘Desirable’ Danny D, facing the equally gorgeous ‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knight.

I really like the dread locked Danny D, he’s great on the mic and it’s also good to get to shout abuse back at him! A comparison to Bob Marley made for some very interesting and hilarious chants and also as ‘Desirable’ Danny is prone to tantrums, ala the WWE’s old Christian character, a big blue dummy was thrown to him! Great stuff. Hogan got the victory over Knite but young Physco came out and delivered some pay back of his own.

Now it was time to party with “The Party Boys” yay! This duo were taking on the British Connection tag team, hmm, two face tag teams, tricky!! But this did exactly what needed to be done to set up a match for Haden Hill, Saturday!

The Party Boys were there usual fun selves, incorporating some new dance moves into their ‘routine’, my favourite was Dragon Phoenix and BB Steele’s rendition of ‘Staying Alive’ and an impromptu performance of ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’ you just had to be there! These guys seriously rule! Both teams had lots of support with the crowd alternating between who they were cheering for.

This match was ruled a no contest in the end as Devils Advocate came out and interfered in the match before Jack Storm grabbed the mic and offered them a match for the next FCW show at Haden Hill. This prompted an appearance from Swift Justice who declared that if a tag match was going down, they wanted in! Soo Saturday, we now have a four way tag team match.

After the match was decided we had one of the huge shocks of the night with BB Steele going over the top rope only to be caught by The Judge who then proceeded to throw Steele through a table at the side of the ring!!! This was total surprise and I certainly didn’t see this coming!!! The four way tag match was then declared a four way TABLES tag team match, w00t!

The Bouncer was next out, nice to see him back in action, even if he was missing his suit, facing the other half of Swift Justice, Falcon. Another ‘holy sh*t’ moment was to come in this match as Bouncer ‘Body Pressed’ Falcon from the side of the ring into the front row of the crowd, prompting us all to move swiftly (no pun intended!) out of the way.

I was very concerned for Falcon, lol who am I kidding? I was very concerned for my pint! That very nearly got spilt, hehe, but poor Falcon did end up amongst the crowd and some glass which Ralphy kindly cleared up!

I missed some of the action after this as we returned to our seats etc. Another good match and a victory for the Bird Of Prey.

Finally we got to the main event!

Rob Hunter was first out, followed by his opponent, the one and only, Super Dragon! This guy looks awesome in the flesh! His outfit is amazing and his entrance sure made the hairs on your head, arms and everywhere stand on end!

I didn’t know too much about Super Dragon before this match, all I did know was that he worked ‘stiff’ and my god did he! This match was probably my favourite for pure technical wrestling and I was so impressed with Rob Hunters ability to match Super Dragon move for move.

Following the trend at FCW a lot of the action spilled out of the ring, with both guys at one stage brawling their way through the crowd! I didn’t want to take my eyes off this match for a second but found myself having to look away as some of the chops etc were particularly brutal and as much as I like to loathe Rob Hunter I ended up willing him on, well just for a little while there, hmm I shouldn’t of admitted that should I?

Super Dragon ultimately won with a middle rope ‘Psyco Driver’! I’m pretty sure Rob Hunter has won a whole load of respect for this match and deservedly so. Laken Xander then came out to challenge Hunter to a Championship ‘LADDER’ match at Haden Hill! This will be a first for FCW and I’m very intrigued to see how this will pan out!!!

What, with a four way, tag team, tables match and now a ladder match to decide the Heavyweight Champion, as well as a newly announced three way ladies match featuring the excellent Sweet Saraya taking on Pippa L’Vinn and Shelby Beach). In addition there is the return of the fabulous Colt Cabana this time taking on ‘The Golden Boy’ Cameron Knight, FCW are really spoiling us fans.

All this is happening at The Haden Hill leisure Centre, West Midlands on Saturday the 2nd of October.  FCW IS the place to be, see you all there!

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