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FWA News Update


…screams the headline on page 27 of today’s Daily Star as Alex Shane got what many people say he deserved.

On Thursday, at the biggest press conference the FWA has ever held, British boxing hero Danny Williams gained a measure of revenge for what happened to him at Hotwired – as he spat a mouthful of water in a jet-stream all over ‘The Showstealer’s face.

And after the warring heavyweights were separated by Commissioner Flash Barker and Danny’s management team, the look on Shane’s drenched kisser told the story. He was absolutely furious.

But at least the deposed FWA Managing Director managed to get his way when it comes to the main event of British Uprising 3 on Saturday November 13.

The press conference, at the Hornsey Tavern in London, was called to announce that FWA management have indeed agreed to sign Alex Shane to an FWA British Heavyweight Title match at Coventry SkyDome, against the champ ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams . was there as contracts for perhaps the biggest championship match ever to be held between two Britons were placed on the table in front of Doug Williams, Alex Shane and Danny Williams, amid incredible tension in the room.

A third contract was also put in place, for a boxer v wrestler match to take place on a future date to be determined, between Danny Williams and Alex Shane. However, press conference host – acting FWA Managing Director Elisar Cabrera – told the assembled throng of journalists, photographers and camera crews that a clause inserted into the Doug v Alex contracts states that the boxer v wrestler match contract ONLY becomes valid should ‘The Anarchist’ retain his title at British Uprising 3.

Elisar explained that the FWA management team had agreed to sanction Doug v Alex for British Uprising on one condition, that Shane signed the additional boxer v wrestler contract at the press conference, in front of witnesses – that way at a later date he would not be able to weasel out of his promise to fight Danny Williams should he be unsuccessful at Uprising.

Although we believe that Shane kicked up an almighty fuss when presented with this ultimatum, he eventually agreed to go along with it.

There was silence in the room as the trio each signed their contracts, under the close scrutiny of Cabrera and Barker, and the representatives of the combatants.

After pens were put to paper, Doug Williams and Alex Shane engaged in a most unfriendly handshake and staredown, after which The Showstealer warned the champion to take a good look at his British Heavyweight Title belt, as his days as champion were numbered.

That was when Danny Williams grabbed a bottle of water from the table, took a swig, and gave The Showstealer a soaking he will never forget – as retaliation for when the London loudmouth did exactly the same to him at Hotwired.

As Doug Williams also tried to get his hands on Shane, the bitter rivals were separated and ushered out of the room before they could come to blows, the press conference thus coming to an abrupt end.

So the tension has reached unbelievable levels already, and we’ve still got six weeks to go before Doug Williams and Alex Shane do it for real, with so much at stake. What could possibly happen next? As always, will keep you up-to-date with all the news from the build-up to the One Fall, Winner Takes All FWA British Heavyweight Title Match at Uprising 3.


DOUG WILLIAMS – “Alex Shane is a disgrace to wrestling and does not deserve to carry this British Heavyweight Championship belt. I want to assure every single fan of the FWA, and wrestling as a whole, that this title is going nowhere.”

ALEX SHANE – “Doug Williams is on borrowed time. What many people don’t realise is that he and I broke into wrestling on exactly the same day. I know his strengths. I know his weaknesses. I may not be the FWA’s Managing Director any more, but come November 13, one way or another, once again I will be the man. Danny Williams won’t even be a factor in the equation and there’s two things you can do about it, and that’s nothing and like it!”

DANNY WILLIAMS – “I’m a big fan of The Anarchist and I know for a fact that Alex Shane is going down. Do I have a message for Shane? Yeah, I’m going to bust him up!”

Last Friday night ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm was interviewed on The Wrestling Channel’s The Bagpipe Report and yes, his ever-present Wonderwhirld Tour petition was by his side.

Storm apparently managed to persuade all the staff on the Ireland-based show – including technicians, producers and presenter Blake Norton – to sign his petition in favour of him being re-instated into the FWA.

During his interview with Norton, The Wonderkid also once again made public his desire to return to the FWA in the near future.

With this in mind, speculation has grown in the past week over the ‘reward’ promised to Jonny Storm by Commissioner Flash Barker, after Jonny did the FWA (and some say, himself) a favour by stepping in at short notice to replace Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton – in a non-sanctioned match with Colt Cabana at Hotwired.

Although many insiders and experts thought the reward might be that Jonny would get the chance to wrestle at British Uprising 3 – the biggest show in British grappling history – and perhaps with the stipulation that a victory in such a match would ensure his permanent reinstatement, FWA officials were quick to play this possibility down when approached by this week.

And as has been reported on other Internet sites, Jonny is scheduled to take his Wonderwhirld Tour back to Thailand around the same time as British Uprising 3, so he may not even be in the UK on Saturday November 13.

So if a return to an FWA ring is not on the cards, what exactly does Flash Barker have in mind as a reward for Jonny Storm? We at will endeavour to find out.

Meanwhile Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton is still seething at having to miss FWA Hotwired due to what he claims was ‘vehicular sabotage’, for which he has made unsubstantiated accusations against Jonny Storm himself. We understand that Belton has approached FWA management to demand he is part of British Uprising 3 as recompense for being prevented from competing on the last big show by matters beyond his control. However, no announcement has been made on Belton’s participation on November 13 as of press time.

Sources close to have told us that ‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell and ‘The Monster’ Burchill had a private meeting in a secret location last week to discuss their mutual grievances against Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert and his stable of Drew McDonald, Thunder and Raj Ghosh.

We are also aware that FWA management are keen to sign some kind of a tag team match at FWA British Uprising 3 so Travell – who was brutally attacked by McDonald and Thunder at Hotwired – and Burchill – who was banned from the building that night due to an injunction taken out by The Truth – have the opportunity to air these grievances on McDonald, Thunder and Ghosh, who has now recovered from his recent shoulder injury.

However, no match has been signed yet, not least of all because Burchill’s manager and representative in contractual negotiations, ‘The Twisted Genius’ Dean Ayass , has gone missing. Ayass, remember, had a confrontation with Greg Lambert backstage at Hotwired, the results of which you will see on FWA TV very soon. However, word has it that ‘The Twisted Genius’ came off worse in this altercation. As a result, many have wondered whether Dean Ayass has gone into hiding – or maybe he has a twisted plan up his sleeve? More news when it becomes available.


FWA wrestlers past and present will be given the opportunity to wrestle for the WWE during the upcoming RAW and SmackDown tours of the UK.

Although details at this stage are sketchy, we at believe that Burchill, Drew McDonald, Thunder and Robbie Brookside are among the British stars who have been lined up to compete in dark matches on various dates of the tour.

Congratulations and good luck to all of those involved from all of us here at

Here is the full line-up of matches signed for the mega-show to date:

FWA British Heavyweight Championship Match, One Fall, Winner Takes All
‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams v ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane
If Shane fails to win the title, he must fight Danny Williams in a Boxer v Wrestler Match

FWA All-England Title Match, Last Man Standing
The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier

30 minute Iron Man Match:
AJ Styles v James Tighe

FWA Tag Team Title Match:
The Duke of Danger and Simmons v ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan and ‘The Shining Light’ Stevie Knight

Three Way Dance – The Next Generation
Final Eliminator for the FWA All-England Title
Aviv Mayaan v Spud v ‘Little Dragon’ Ross Jordan

More matches will be announced in the coming weeks. The card is subject to change.

Ticket prices have been set for FWA British Uprising 3 as follows:

£60 Gold Ringside, £45 Silver Ringside, £25 Bronze Ringside, £20, £15 and £10.

There is also a Premium Family Ticket priced at £70 (the equivalent of four £25 tickets- based on two adults and two children of 16 and under, or one adult and three children of 16 and under) and a Standard Family Ticket priced at £30 (the equivalent of four £15 tickets – based on two adults and two children of 16 and under, or one adult and three children of 16 and under.)

Tickets will go on sale to FWA Fan Club members this Monday (October 4) by calling the box office at the SkyDome on 02476 630693, press option ‘Zero’ . Tickets will initially be available to everyone else through The Wrestling Channel website from NOON this Tuesday (October 5). The Coventry SkyDome box office will then open (same number as above) and take over the selling of tickets from Friday October 8.

Also just announced this week, the doors will open at the Coventry SkyDome on Saturday November 13 at 5.30pm. FWA British Uprising 3 will commence at 6pm and is expected to last three and a half hours.

Don’t forget this week’s episode (shown Sunday at 9am, and Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm) will feature matches taped at the Morecambe Dome on July 31 – including James Tighe v Ross Jordan, Alex Shane v ‘Dangerous’ Damon Leigh and Doug Williams v Aviv Mayaan. Check out TWC (on Sky Digital, channel 427) for more.

WE WILL BE BACK… …with another FWA British Uprising 3 update on Wednesday. See you then!!!