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UCW (NI) Unfinished Business Results

UCW (NI) Unfinished Business Results

UCW Unfinished Business
1st October 2004
Stormont Hotel
Crowd 450

UCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Joey Blaze vrs William Spielberg

Winner and first ever UCW Cruiserweight Champion:

William Spielberg

UCW Hardcore Title Match
Primtime Jonny Cage vrs Mick Stupp

Winner and still Hardcore Champion

Primetime Jonny Cage

Singles Match
Frankie Fever vrs The Machine


The Machine

Elimination 6 Man Tag Match
El Torro Sanchez, Tron and Dunkan Disorderly vrs Event Security (Vice, JDP, Sensational Shawn Scott)

Order of Elimination:

Vice Eliminates El Torro Sanchez – Pinfall
Vice and Tron Eliminated – Count Out
Dunkan Disorderly Eliminates Sensational Shawn Scott – Pinfall
Dunkan Disorderly Eliminates JDP – Pinfall

UCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Stevy Shaker “The Babymaker” vrs Bobby Lee Harm

Winner and New UCW Champion:

Stevy Shaker “The Babymaker”


Before the show UCW Governer Terry Thompson came out to welcome the crowd and was interupted by Event Security who demanded they get their contracts other wise Terry’s son Darren would be sent straight to Hospital Terry aggreed but The Security were determined to take out Darren anyway throughing him from the ring heavily to the floor. They were about to leave when they were informed that now they are under UCW contract they had to do what the governer said and that they would be competeing tonight against El Torro Sanchez, Dunkan Disorderly and Rodd, was unfortunately Injured and would be suitable replaced by Tron who made his way to the ring which Security quickly vacated.

During the match Blaze got the 123 but the decision was overturned by the ref soon after due to what seemed like blatent bribery by UCW’s self proclaimed millionaire who picked up the win after hitting Blaze with a briefcase.

An interview segment had been set up for the UCW Champion Bobby Lee. As his music hit Booby Lee Harm aka Stevy Shaker in a swim cap accompanied by “Pandora” came to the ring and started insulting fans at ringside calling them poopy pants and farty heads. This brought out the real Bobby Lee Harm and Pandora who exclaim that this was the reason Shaker had been kicked out of GBH. Shaker said after his chorus’s at Summer Assault he had another song for Bobby Lee. and started a “Who ate all the pies” chant which the crowd went along with. This lead to BLH attacking Shaker and Pandora attacking her imposter.

For the Hardcore Match Mick Stupp came to the ring impersenating Mick Foley and even used his Trademark “Bang Bang” posed and ring apron elbow drop. But non of this was enough as he was put away buy Primetime’s Ghetto Blaster.

After the interval a promo for UCW Xmas Carnage featuring Jake “The Snake” Roberts which the crowd gratefully recieved.

Both men returning from injuries no-one knew what to expect as the 70’s superstar Frankie Fever took on GBH’s technichian Machine. In the end Machine came out on top after hitting a top rope Frog Splash

A Highly anticipated match that was initially supposed to be for Event Security’s Contracts. However due to events earlier in the evening was now a non stipulation match saw Event Security get a warm welcome to UCW at the Hands of Dunkan disorderly who came back to win it for the UCW side after losing his 2 partners.

After Stevy Shaker won the UCW Title all fan favourites came to the ring to celebrate the end of BLH’s 8 month run as UCW champion.