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NBWA Exhibition Results – 3rd October 2004.

NBWA Exhibition Results – 3rd October 2004.

We changed the layout of the Ray Gray today for the exhibition and boy the new look and layout gave an added experience. The queue of people stretched out of the gate awaiting to enter the building for the latest Nu Breed Exhibition.

The centre soon filled to capacity and with no empty seats to be seen, the exhibition of 5 matches started to entertain to people. As always these exhibitions are free to enter for the public, showing wZw and the NBWA are giving their bit to the community of Walker.

Tony Warrior ‘The Spitfire’ came out first to a hail of ‘You Suck, Smoggy & S**tfire’ chants. He stood in the ring and looked very annoyed. He started to abuse some of the people on the front row and was not too happy that he was not booked in a match for this months exhibition. Spitfire asked if there was anyone in the back who wanted a match. AJ Anderson came to the ring side and took the challenge. Commissioner Gary Graham agreed that the match would be made but no titles would be on the line and that it would be a ten minute time limit match. Match was booked as main event of the afternoon.

Opening bout saw some highflying and hard hitting action from the teen tag team sensations of Micky L and Iain Robinson (Full Pack) take on the team of Shady and J Nattrass, they were accompanied to the ring by brother XL and their valet Lexx. XL was soon sent back by senior referee Phil Robinson and with a low blow behind the ref’s back from Lexx on Micky, this enabled The Nattrass Boys to bag another win.

Due to the popularity of the last Generals Line-up, the NBWA bookers decided we would do it again. The Generals line-up allows any of the NBWA trainees take on the head trainer General Trent Steel, if they manage to pin The General they are automatically number 1 contendership to the Nu Breed Title, once again we saw Lythe come to the ring and was quickly destroyed by the General, next up was C-Rock, he too took some severe punishment.

Next we saw Frodo make an attempt, he managed a great start and managed a two count after hitting a tornado DDT. Frodo being the youngest trainee and smallest tried to lift The General and struggled, this gave The General enough time to reign composure and finish off Frodo.

The final competitor was the highflying masked wrester of CIC, his speed almost floored GTS a few times. Again GTS used his power and size to crush him. The cocky GTS then made a massive mistake and called out anyone who is not in a match to come and face him and if they could pin him, they would have a match against GTS for the Inter-Promotional Title at the show we have at Shildon Civic Hall, Shildon.

Bomber Mills music blasted through the PA and GTS looked worried, Bomber came into the ring and made easy work of the by now very tired GTS. He pinned the General after he gorilla pressed a 22stone GTS and slammed him hard into the ring.

Next we saw Iceman in a handicap match against Pyro and Mojo, a really upset Iceman wanted to make the match quick and as painful for the two trainees. He got the win after knocking out Pyro. (He tied Pyro into the ropes and fore-armed him until his eyes glazed over and he was unconscious)

After a 15 minute interval, we saw another tag team match.

WZW favourites Carbon and Taylor took on Juvenile and what was supposed to be Juveniles secret weapon ‘The best Kept Secret’ Anthony Livewire McIntyre. Unfortunately this was yet another loss for the unlucky Juvi. Livewire blamed Juvi for the defeat and walked away from him.

The main event of Spitfire against AJ Anderson took place under the 10 minute time limit rule. AJ held on for the full 10 minutes and the match was deemed a draw, everyone was expecting Spitfire to attack AJ Anderson instead he shook his hand and raised it in the air. Could this be a side of Spitfire we have not seen before?

Summing up, the exhibition was a great afternoon of pro wrestling entertainment, the fans, trainees and wrestlers all enjoyed it and can’t wait for the return next month.

NBWA Exhibition Dates: All Nu Breed Exhibitions are Free Entry Sunday 7th November, Sunday 5th December, Sunday 19th December, ( Christmas Special ).

Photo’s from todays exhibition and a music video will be available online next week at and